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| August 3, 2016

There  are many things which are compulsory for  a baby when he born  because in the house there ia no such type of dresses and the shoes are available  we specially make the dresses  for  our kids  and for the  modernity  wear the shoes in the feet of babies  because  the shoes keep  them safe and healthy  they remain  safe from the  hitting of the floor  and nail can be  break due to it and shoes  save you from  the heat and cold  so if you are a mother and in search of new shoes  for your new born baby  then you have no need to be worried  so you can select the shoes from here .

the mothers  want to buy shoes for their pre walking and the walking kids  because they are   learning how to walk in this way they   dirty  their feet  and the germs and dust which is  much in our areas can  spoil the foot  of  kids .so it is the duty of the mother  that   she select such  shoes for their kids which are good and comfortable for  their babies.

We have selected a range of some baby boy’s shoes and some baby girl shoes mother should buy such shoes which are according to the fashion. So for seeing the collections of these beautiful shoes stay with us and see.

Shoes for baby girl:

The girls like to carry  the  bold colors and  dark colors are  made especially for the girls so if you want to make the shoes  for the baby girl  then take a dark purple color  shoes embellished with  chiffon flowers and the silk ribbon on the  sticking strap it is good for the baby girl when she  carry white color net   stuff dress  it is for the prewalking kids .

white long  boots  ankle length shoes are good for the  baby girls  fur embellished shoes with the  knot and the rhinestone made  clip is  looking nice cow boy girls  carry such  shoes and it is good for the kid when you are going in the  wedding  ceremony  or any  get tohgheatr party.

Suede shoes top bow knot on the shoes  it is always remain in fashion because it is very soft and easy to wear  in the summer you can carry it without   socks and in the winter carry the shoes with soaks  because due to the use of fur  on the upper side  and the bow  on the shoes is giving this shoes stylish  and comfortable both touch you can carry it casually and for the semi formal  function it is nice.

Red color belly shoes are decent for the little champs   if you want to go in the wedding ceremony and the birthday party of anyone then you can carry the belly shoes with your frocks and which dress you have to put on.  Red color belly shoes are embellished with sequins and the laced flowers on the top and the shoes strips.

Crochet shoes are very good for the winter season but you can carry it as a fashion  crochet shoes are very beautiful   and create  a  fashionable touch you can make it at your own home  and in the different contrasts.

Shoes for the boys:

Camper shoes are very  nice  and it is available in  many  colors  with your  shirt and top  these  shoes look so nice and give your  kid a look  of little hero. Uggs is the  long  shoes  it is mostly carried in the western countries because there is too much coldness and snowy seasin  in this shoes the fur  is used  which will keep you heat up from the  cold  and ypu can carry it  with the pent shirt little red shoes  white laces  is  decent you can carry it in the summer season with   your shorts and the t shirt you look like the  player and the sportsboy.

It is very soft and give you  comfort  when you  walk and  comfort  should be the  first preference  for your baby .denim jeans  shoes  is  best for the girls and boys both you can easily walk and run in this sneakers .on the  parties  and the get together parties you can  put on these  shoes .blue color is for th the boys and the pink is for the girls  so  if you want to  wear the crochet shoes to your baby boy then  make it at your own home if you know the knitting  with different patterns you can make shoes and caps for your  kids it is not very tough.

For the girls the Barbie character is  made on the dresses and the shoes  and on the boys  dressing accessories the Spiderman ,superman and the doremon is used  to make the  dress attractive   and impressive for the kids  so these shoes are good for the kids  you can select  for your  baby girls and baby boy  kids.

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