Traditional Indian Style Matha Patti Designs for You

| September 14, 2015

matha patti

matha patti is considered as traditional head jewelry. It is hair ornament with single chain at the center and one or more number of chain at the side showing certain flow along hairline. Matha patti is mostly worn out by women in traditional events like wedding ceremonies.

Current presentation

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of fascinating and eye catching traditional matha patti designs for girls, based on pure metallic material.

Heavy matha patti jewelry

1 stylish matha patti hair down (9)

Indian jewelry: indian jewelry is based upon heavy designing facts and figures with wide utilization of stones, metallic designing, motifs and a lot more than that.

We have drafted utmost glorious and highly standardizing matha patti head jewelry designs for girls based upon purified metallic material of silver and copper and accomplished with decorative glazing stones and ghungroo lying down along sides.

Motif matha patti designs for bridals

2 stylish matha patti hair down (13)

Motifs: motifs, literary pronounced as motti in urdu and hindi, is recurring element that or fragment that when joins together showers large work. Pearl are also named as motti in countries of south asia.

This time we have drafted utmost splendid and highly dominant fashion matha patti designs for girls which is based upon standardize silver and copper material and jeweled with motif, encrusted with stones.

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