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| November 5, 2014

Snake Ring in Different Styles:

Jewelry has a great significance into our lives. Men & women both like to wear exclusive pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, rings or pendants. Jewelry is usually manufactured by using gold, silver, metal, brass & lots of other metals. It is adorned with crystals, rhinestones, gemstones, beads & peals. Mostly every piece of jewelry is designed by taking inspiration from birds, animals, flowers, cartoons, living & non-living things. On this page you are going to explore very adventurous designs of rings for men & women. Yes dear readers & viewers I am talking about the snake design rings which are shown blow. Hopefully, you will like these designs. Have a look!

Snake Ring from Middle to Index Finger:

1 snake ring in different styles and designs

Take a look at this black color snake ring. It is manufactured by using black color brass. The design is looking really very unique & nice. It is worn from the ring finger to index finger. It is looking very much adventurous & outstanding. If you like this design then you can order your jeweler to prepare the same design ring.

Simple Snake Ring:

2 snake ring in different styles and designs (18)

This is very simple snake design ring. It is made by using stainless steel. It is adorned with little size crystals. Its eyes are decorated with little blue color gemstone. It is really very nice ring. It is a perfect design for girls.

Zigzag Snake Ring design:

3 snake ring in different styles and designs (16)

Look at this design it is looking very nice. The pattern of creeping which is usually followed by a snake is created in this ring. Yes I am talking about zigzag pattern. The ring is made by using gold.

Crystal Snake Ring:

4 snake ring in different styles and designs (1)

This ring is fully embellished with crystals. That’s why I call it crystal embellished ring. It is made by using silver color metal. Its design is looking fastidious. Little & medium both size of crystals are used into its decoration. It is basically a formal wear ring that can be used for attending parties.

Back Snake Ring:

5 snake ring in different styles and designs (2)

This is also a new design of Snake ring. If we start from the mouth of snake then it is right to say that its mouth is embellished with black crystals while the central part is with grey crystals & last part with white color crystals.

Golden Snake Ring:

6 snake ring in different styles and designs (3)

This is a pure golden color snake ring. Various parts of snake are adorned with little crystals. It is a unisex design because men & women both can wear it.

Antique Snake Ring:

7 snake ring in different styles and designs (12)

This is an antique design of snake ring. Its eyes are adorned with green color gemstones. It is manufactured by using brass metal. Then black & brown paint is done on it. It can be used by fashion conscious women & men.

Amazing Rings for Girls:

Some more different styles of snakes’ rings are shown below into the picture gallery. You can check out these pictures also. If you want a same design gold or silver ring then you can order your family jewelry to prepare the same design ring by looking towards the picture. These rings always add some uniqueness into your personality.

You can wear snake ring either in middle finger or in index or ring finger. Make yourself prominent by wearing weird & strange design of jewelry as snake rings. Now you can explore the following gallery!

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