Precious, Most Expensive and Stunning Jewelry Pieces in The World

| January 30, 2017

Jewelry has great importance in all women’s life and without jewelry the feminine look of a woman remains incomplete. Women are fond about jewelry whether it is made of gold or artificial. They like to wear jewelry on all kinds of occasions and parties. Some women are crazier about wearing and buying precious and expensive jewelry pieces like rings, necklace, bracelets etc. here we are talking about ten most expensive jewelry pieces of the world.
These 10 jewelry items are really precious, expensive and most popular throughout the world because of the unique shapes, precious metals, beauty, attractiveness and high cost. All these ten pieces of jewelry are not only expensive but also harming, attractive and unique masterpieces which surely make everyone falls in love with them.
Bulgari two-stoned diamond ring:

1 expensive artificial jewelleries in the world (1)
The Bulgari two-stone diamond ring is an original Bulgari collection, designed and created in 1972. It was designed with two triangular shape diamonds blue diamond and colorless and transparent diamond.  The specialty of this ring is that it comes with a true report from the Gemological Institute of America that verified the color, clarity and flawlessness of the two diamonds to the best. The ring was placed among the world’s costliest rings and after a merciless bidding battle; an Asian took it at home at very high cost of $15.7 million.
Diamond and emerald tiara/crown:

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This tiara is the most expensive jewelry piece in the world; it is made up of emerald and diamonds. This stunning and gorgeous tiara or head crown had belonged to the wife of Napoleon and prince Guido Count gifted this precious crown to his lovely second wife princess Katherina Hanckel in 1900. It is believed that the eleven rare Columbian emerald pear-shaped drops of five hundred may have belonged to a Maharajah.
L’Incomparable diamond necklace:

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This L’Incomparable diamond necklace is created by a Lebanese jeweler Mouawad, this peerless necklace has the world record as the most valuable necklace in the world. The jeweler featured it with the world’s largest flawless yellow color diamond. The yellow color step cut diamond is attached with a rose gold chain that is further adorned with leaves shape white diamonds. This stunning Mouawad necklace was first unveiled at the Doha jewelry and it was also exhibited in museums.
Panther-shaped watch:

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This beautiful and unique panther shaped watch is designed by a French jeweler Louis Francois Carter. He founded his brand by the name of Carter in 1847 that is famous for its jewelry and watches. The brand has been considered as one of the timeless jewels from the history and Cartier also famous and best known by putting some of the world’s most expensive jewelries in the auction. Cartier jewelry still makes use of Art Deco elements, thereby appealing to modern tastes apart from remodeling their panther-signature motifs.


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