Modest Islamic jewelry Designs for Muslim Ladies

| May 12, 2016

We are presenting you a collection of artisan jewelry from every other parts of the world. We pay close attention to detail with sourcing designers and artisans so that we know each piece we select is one that will be cherished for a lifetime. Islamic necklace, Islamic Earrings and Evil Eye necklaces are the best you will find. So, whether you are shopping for yourself, or trying to find a perfect gift for your daughter, mother, or friend – we are confident you will find our Turkish jewelry to be beautiful, fashionable and always timeless.


If you are looking for the perfect ring, we have a beautiful selection of silver and gold-plated rings at affordable prices. You can make a stylish statement with the Gold-plated Sterling Silver Islamic Ring wit Arabic , add a pop of color with one of our Floating Arabic Islamic Rings, and display your tradition beautifully with a Hand Engraved Sterling Silver and Gold-plated Islamic Ring. These are handcrafted and hand casted which sends the value of these through the roof because labor is not cheap out their but we don’t make a mark up on our labor as we appreciate and like what we do.


We carries beautiful Muslim jewelry such as necklaces that add a personal touch and subtle style to the jewelry you will want to wear every day, Our vast collection of Islamic jewelry come in a variety of designs that suit your style and preference but always remain true to Islamic tradition and heritage. We hand pick all of this necklaces, such as the Hand Engraved Onyx, Amethyst and Moonstone Evil Eye Necklace, to ensure you will get a truly artistic piece that is satisfaction guaranteed.

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Islamic bracelets add some extra fashionable style to your look. A Hand-made Islamic Bracelet is a perfect accessory for a Islamic and spiritual look when paired with a casual Muslim tunic top that also has a bohemian style print. A Black Aqiq orCoral Hand Engraved etc Islamic Bracelet is an elegant accessory that beautifully interprets a rich tradition and goes perfectly with a long formal Artizara dress.

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