Latest Gold Bracelet Designs for Fashion Ladies 2016

| July 13, 2016

Ladies ornate their self by wearing different type of jewels and these jewels make their delicate beauty more mesmerizing. Necklace, rings, earrings, head jewels, anklets and bracelets are styled on any lady whether she is western or Asian. Gold is the metal that is precious as well as beautiful, many of the girls like gold jewelry to carry not only at daily basis but also on different events. Specifically in Pakistan the Asian ladies like to have gold jewelry in their ownership until they die or needed to sale. Considering this importance of gold jewelry we have taken a ravishing collection of gold bracelets with most new designs that will surely delight your mood and also the beauty of wrist fantastically.

As everyone dare the trends so feel the need to update each and every fashion accessory with changing trends. Every year the goldsmith or designers launch the new designs for specific season that is according to that contemporary time. So my collection is full of new bracelet styles that can help you in maintaining your chic style statement.

We have not taken some specific designing style of bracelets but collected randomly in which traditional stone embedded, different designs like heart, arrow, leaves and balls are also included. The plain stacked bracelets are also for fashionistas who have to improve their street style fashion by wearing highly trendy jewelry items.

Sophisticate style rose gold bracelet:

1. Gold bracelet for womens designs 2016

Rose gold jewelry also looks fantabulous with a new definition of cool effects; this sophisticate bracelet with rhinestone is just a sober choice for ladies to get charm in your look.

Gold bracelet with pearl:

2. Gold bracelet for womens designs 2016

Gold and [pearl have the truly allure match when styled together like this bracelet has the two pearls at the end of bracelets which are enormously capturing the attention.

Fashion bracelet design for girls:

3. Gold bracelet for womens designs 2016

This bracelet has beautifully designed by collecting the rose gold bangles which are making a bracelet full of trendy hues and that is best for modern girls.

Delicate arrow gold bracelet:

4. Gold bracelet for womens designs 2016

Double bracelet with arrow and leaves design is just a beautiful creation to make this jewel attractive and unique. Wear this in any season and rock your persona.

Crystal rhinestone and gold design bracelet:

5. Gold bracelet for womens designs 2016

Well this design is somewhat traditional but with modern hued designing, beading of rhinestones is gleaming the gold bracelet fantastically.

Watch style bracelet for both girls and boys:

6. Gold bracelet for womens designs 2016

This unisex gold bracelet is in watch style that is why both boys and girls can wear it with jeans dressing code but with some formal silhouettes.

Stacked lock gold bracelet:

7. Gold bracelet for womens designs 2016

Simply the bracelet is in plain designed lock bracelet even though it is capturing the attention phenomenally.

Heart bracelet for lovers:

8. Gold bracelet for womens designs 2016

Attaining a shiny crystal stone in the heart this gold bracelet is giving the lure impressions and best for lovers to give it gift on Valentine’s Day. We are sure your lover will really love this when wear in wrist.

The rest of the designs are in the gallery given below, choose the one that you like the most and flaunt your style incredibly.

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