Ideas How to make Tiara at Home

| June 11, 2016

hand bands are the bands of fabric or metal or plastics worn around the head usually preferred as a decoration or to keep the hair off the face. Tiara is a highly diadem ornamental band usually worn by females at front of the women’s hair as a head band. It’s a kind of crown formed head band. these crowns are made by hand by using soft threads and fabrics. They are very easily wearable and manageable.


the presentation is based on pretty and nice looking head bands in a shape of crown or tiara. These tiaras are used to wear on head or forehead gives a sweet look. These are colorful and soft bands styled by ribbons, artificial flowers, etc.


Pink Tiara head bands:

pink is always considered as a color of cuteness because it explores the sweet touch of anything. When pink combines with baby accessories it just spreads a glam. Here are some awesome examples of pink tiara head bands. Theses plastic or elastic made head bands are styled with using a crown shaped clip made of rime stones or pearls etc gives an ostentatious cute feel.



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