Collection of Very Striking Collar Necklaces for Ladies

| March 8, 2014

Necklace is mostly worn by women for looking widely attractive & charming. It is one of the very important pieces of jewelry. The trend of wearing necklace is not new it is very historic. Men & women wear it, even in the past, when they lived in forests. Necklace can be manufactured with lots of items.

It can be made by using various metals such as gold, silver plus by using various stuffs. For the purpose of ad ornamentation beads, crystals, rhinestones etc are used mostly. Sometimes precious stones such as emerald, diamond, turquoise etc are also used. Necklaces are usually available in various designs & styles.

Here into the following pictures gallery you can see the collar style necklaces which are made by using various fabrics or some are manufactured by using metal. For decorating these collar style necklaces various beads are used.

When you are planning to wear a simple yet elegantly designed outfit then you can pair a collar style necklace with it. This style of necklace can add some glamour into your personality. Explore the following catalog!

Catalog of: Necklaces
Style: Collar
Embellished with: Beads, Crystals etc
Perfect for: Fashion Loving Girls

Adjustable Collar Style Necklace in Embellished with Golden Pearls plus Small Rhinestones for Women

1 2014 Collar Necklaces for girls ideas

Metallic Floral Pattern Collar Style Necklace for Girls

2 simple Collar Necklaces 2014 collection

Traditional Collar style Necklace

3 stylish Collar Necklaces 2014 collection

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