Bridal Bangles Jewelry Assortment

| January 16, 2015

Colorful bangles for wedding

Bangles are traditional ornament that most prominent among South-Asian ladies especially, in Indian, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Ladies wear bangles casually with any outfit but this jewel considered essential for new bride that decor your arms with glass or metal bangles.

In Hinduism, bare arms of bridals considered inauspicious that’ reason almost all brides and married girls give much significance their arm jewelry. Today, I am going to allocate dazzling and innovative styles of stunning bangles those are designed with golden or silver metal and nourished with beads, stones and studs.

Some bangles set are also made with colorful glass materials and looks tremendously graceful. Let impressively see below, I pasted modern and ethnic bridal and wedding bangles set that are awesome elegant for make your wedding celebration magnificent and alluring. Have an enormous look our traditional arm jewelru collected work.

Indian gold kundan bangles for ladies

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Indian gold is a typical type of jewel that made with exclusive metal and polished with glossy golden that exudes real gold glimpse. In this picture, you can see a set of six bangles is made with Indian gold metal and exceptionally designed with kundan traditional form and more nourished with miniature gleaming silver and pink miniature stones. This is best and ideal gift for bridal.

 Glass bangles for mehndi function

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Mehndi is initial celebration day of wedding that is held before one day of marriage and mostly girls wear yellow with green, red or pink contrasted tones attires with matching jewelry. Bridal is also wear yellow with mixing tones dress for this ceremony. Here, you are seeing dazzling glass and faux pearls pairs of both arms bangles those are identical in shades with dress. These green, red and yellow glittered bangles look tremendously graceful and best for mehndi ceremonial.

Bridal bangles with matching dress tone

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In the South Asian countries, red is romantic and traditional bridal dress color that enhances the beauty attraction and grace of bridals. Here, you can see that a bridal is wearing red bridal ethnic dress and wearing matching tones glass bangles with metal golden kundan bangles those are adorned with multi-colored faux stones and look extremely chic and drling.

Glass bangles with metal kara

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Now a day, bangles set are designed with mixing glass and metal bangles those looks fascinated and ultra-classic. This awesome elegant and fabulous set of bridal bangles are designed with stunning delightful shades glass bangles and silver metal bangles those are adorned with white crystal faux stones. Mostly, such light and gorgeous colors are worn on walima functions.

Here, you can see further more classy and ethnic wedding bangles those can wear by bridals and bridesmaids on wedding occasions. You can see further more trendy and traditional ladies bangles in the gallery images. I believe, you will like and appreciate this charming collected work.

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