Beautiful Designs Bangles Different Styles for Young Pakistani Girls

| September 27, 2016


Jewelry is one of the accessories that complete a girl look; in fact jewelry stands for true embellishment of a girl. In Asian countries especially India and Pakistan, jewelry is called the ‘Suhagan Zaivar’ which is identified to ladies who are married and spending life with husband. There are many jewelry items included to style a girl’s personality and in which of them the bangles have finishing touch that adorn the beauty of wrist so beautifully.

In Pakistan, every girl loves to wear bangles on different festivals mostly on Eid and weddings. While a bride is not considered a perfect bride until she wears bangles. Pakistani ladies especially who are married wear bangles casually too in which gold bangles contain more of importance. As far as the trends are concerned, now handmade adorned bangles have great charm for girls but traditional bridal bangles sets with crystal bangles and the stone embedded bangles have great match.

We have the best enthralling design bangles collection that is in fashion of Pakistan whether it is a young girl or bride. In past times the crystal clear bangles in multicolor was fashion but with changing the necessities of fashion world now multiple trends are overgrowing and that is why various styles bangles have been designed by designers. To get interesting design bangles views, just scroll down the cursor to see images.

Bridal fashion bangles:


Bride in Pakistan is adorned with every accessory that may enhance her charming beauty. Pakistani brides go with heavy sets bangles that have multi beading, glitter, metal design and intricate colorful designing. You can see in the picture that brides have refilled their wrists with matching bangles sets perfect for their dressing whether for engagement, Mehndi, barat or Walima functions.

Kundan awesome bangles design:


Kundan is the precious stone that is crafted to make luxe style jewelry items. Kundan jewelry mostly worn in India and Pakistan and girls add the royal features by wearing such a high class silhouettes jewelry items. Kundan bangles are however expensive but their ultimate fine expressions are more wondrous that its price. These bangles can wear by brides and young girls to any wedding function when their dress has the enough subtle embroidery.

Multi color bangles trend:


Now days the Pakistani girls are going with vibrant various colors bangles wrapped with beads, ribbons and Gota Patti embellishments. Girls can wear these on Eid and Basant festivals that are days of colors, besides this with your multi pattern and colorful dress of Mehndi these bangles have cool style to look ravish.

Rhinestone bangles style for girls:


To enhance the glam of your persona and the embroidered dressing code, the rhinestone and multi color stone embedded bangles are great to style. We have manipulated these two designs in which one of them is gold plated and has lifetime guarantee to not turn black or fade its shine.

Handmade beautiful bangles:


Dough jewelry in this regard has great charm for paki girls these days, the multi pattern floral bangles with pearls and rhinestones look great. After real flower jewelry trend the Mehndi brides have made a go with such handmade bangles matched with their dress.

Artificial bangles like gold designs:


Normally the gold jewelry is not affordable for everyone that is why today the brides style the artificial bangles on weddings. These artificial bangles are really gorgeous even for modern girls when wear formal dressing codes. Match these bangles with your formal embellished dresses to enhance your beauty.

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