A style Statement from Alessandro Michele’s Jewelry for Gucci

| December 29, 2015

Well the creative new designer of Gucci Alessandro Michel has appointed at last for the company who has designed ravishing jewelry collection containing renaissance inspired designs and most of all the symbols and signs that meet us to the special stirred vintage era where the symbolism jewelry were designed to wear for special purposes. Gucci has been mainly found in 1921 with the director and normally GG is used to use engraved on the products.
Alessandro Michel’s jewelry took away my breath with defining designs as the designer has true sense of fashion to light up it on the scene with right narration that’s why he was awarded as the best international designer. So, it is his victory that discriminates him in the all successful designers of West. The style statement jewelry has all the variations that modern design jewelry possesses. You will find the inspiration from the Vintage era with retro designs. I have collected his jewels randomly as the rings, chokers, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. If you want to become the true fashionista of 21st century you will surely need to have style Alessandro jewelry.
Use of precious metals and stones carved at the designs make the jewelry prominent and most importantly to the person who wear these designs. I love the nail metallic jewels that are fabulous display for his trinkets. Are you wishing to see his stylish designs for embellishing your persona? Come here to find latest and trendy of all.

1.    Heavy but refined style necklace and bracelet from Gucci

1. Alessandro Michele’s Jewelry for Gucci

2.    Various style reflections of Alessandro jewels

2. Alessandro Michele’s Jewelry for Gucci

3.    Vintage style designed rings for girls by Alessandro Michele

3. Alessandro Michele’s Jewelry for Gucci

4.    Earrings and rings with designer style array by Gucci

4. alessandro miscele pour  gucci

5.    Bijule rings in golden color for modern girls

5. bijules rings  golden color

6.    Men style statement rings with uniqueness to all over

6. blue shirt  and ring

7.    Alessandro Michel’s creation for Gucci

7. courtesy of dazed  fashion

8.    Signs and symbols engraving different stones in Gucci rings

8. different stylish rings

9.    Gold imperial design of pendants designed by creative director Alessandro

9. golden  beautiful nacklece

10.    Men fall trends of jewelry with different fashion rings

10. Gucci Fall Winter   Mens

11.    Chic array of designing patterned trinkets of Alessandro Michel

11. gucci homme printemps

12.    Modern and stunning collection jewels by Gucci

12. light  white  jewelry

13.    These rings are jus more than wow with elliptical designs

13. lord of the rings

14.    Style phenomena concerned with Alessandro Michel jewelry for Gucci

14. rose gold collection

None found.

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