Traditional and Trendy Chinese Hair Styles

| February 27, 2015

In the Chinese culture, it believes that the hair is the gift from their parents and they never ever cut their hair. The queens and princess of the China make the bun and ponytail in hair on the back of the head. But now a day, the trend is become changed in the China about hair. The girls have the long hair in the China and make the bun and the pintail usually.

The young age girls straight their long hair and wore the light waves in the long hairs. They also use the curls in the hair in short and long length. There are some haircuts also very famous in the China like the emu style and the baby cut layers are looking very cute.

The beautiful bun on the back of the head and on the top of the head is also very trendy and make easily by self. The short bob cut in the edge layers is also very unique in the new trend of the Chinese hairstyles and haircuts.

Beside this, the short layer steps and long layer steps are very unique with the straight look or wavy look. The ponytails and the emu hairstyle in the short and long straight hair are looking very trendy and gorgeous.

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