Side Effects and Dangers of Hair Extensions

| July 10, 2014

Hair extensions

Trend of hair extensions is attaining utmost fame around the world which is utilize by women of the world. Women use hair extensions to provide full and thick appearance of hairs in front of people to present themselves as half or less of their age as they are highly conscious about their aging factors and age.

Importance of hair extensions in celebrities’ life

Celebrities take every possible step to modify them especially when they have to face their fans, followers and general public. They spend bounteous time while maintaining their looks from head to toe. To provide fully fledged appearance to their hairs, they utilize hair extensions and trend of hair extensions is powered up by media and medial people.

Current presentation

Our current presentation is concerned with defaults and defects while using hair extensions. Some people have point of view that there appear no side effects while using hair extensions but that is probably wrong point of view.

Side effects of using hair extensions

That’s a true fact that there may appear no side effect in initiate utilization of hair extensions but with the passage of time or as its utilization exceeds by person there seems to appear visible side effects of it. It may create serious hair fall and permanent damages like baldness and continuous headache.

Serious dangers of using hair extensions

There may appear serious problems while using hair extensions like permanent baldness, blinding, hair fall and bleeding scalps.


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