Making of Lace Rose Braids And Stylish Rose Buns

| August 20, 2016

Roses are most beautiful flowers and all people like it but girls like it the most. Girls can make roses with hairs too. The combination of a simple braid and a bun looks like a rose and you can make it by your own hair. You can make it easily after a short practice because practice makes a man perfect.
This beautiful rose is made by a simple braid. After making a braid on one side turn it back and then twist is as a rose and your beautiful hairstyle is ready.

Younger girls can also wear this beautiful flower braided hair style because this hairstyle can be made with medium length of hairs. This is the perfect hair style for wedding and parties. This is a flower braid with low ponytail. This style can be worn by college girls and this is suitable for formal parties or family get together.

This flower braid can be made after a little practice. Divide your hairs in three parts one part from the back and two parts from two front sides. Then make simple braids with the three parts and then join them as a bun and your bun will look like a rose. You can wear this hairstyle with a saree and you will look gorgeous.

This beautiful hairstyle is called rose bud flower braid hair style. This hairstyle is made by long hairs and only a skilled lady can made it neatly. It is perfect for wedding ceremonies and all kinds of special occasions. If you want to look elegant in the party then chose this beautiful hair style for you. Divide your hairs into two parts one at the top and other from the bottom but hairs from the top should less from the bottom.

Then separate the hairs into two sections left and right from the top and start weaving the French braid from both sides after braiding the tail, roll it in the form of a flower and then repeat this process with the bottom hairs and you are ready to attend the party.
This is known as Diy- Dutch flower braid up do hair style. This is suitable for young girls for medium long hair.

It is perfect for your little doll and your doll will look like a princes. It will look great with a fancy frock in a reception and all evening events. Separate all of your hairs from the top to the bottom into two sections and weave the braids of both sections and then roll one braids in the form a rose and then wrap the other braid around the first one and your beautiful rose bun is ready.

This braid is called lace rose braid and this can be made in long and medium length of hairs. Separate to your hair from front into two sections and then do back combing on the second section. Then cover the back combing with the first section.

Make two braids on both sides right or left and then roll a braid in the form of a circle and repeat the same action with other braid and wrap it over the first braid then you will make a bun like a rose. Use some bobby pins to make your hair style neat and clean. You can place some pearls and beads in your bun to make it more stylish and beautiful.

Romantic Lace Rose Braid tutorial style (1) Romantic Lace Rose Braid tutorial style (2) Romantic Lace Rose Braid tutorial style (3) Romantic Lace Rose Braid tutorial style (4) Romantic Lace Rose Braid tutorial style (5) Romantic Lace Rose Braid tutorial style (6)

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