Gorgeous Hair Style in Wavy Hair

| July 29, 2016

0. Wavy Hair  styles for girls

Hairstyle  should be selected after  know your face shape because  hairstyle can  change your overall look  so there are many ways to make your hairstyle  according to the time .the girls who are very conscious about their  grooming  they can select the wavy hairstyle because it look nice and show your hair  voluminous and heavy  .Many hair  designers have introduce their new hairstyles for the ladies which can give  the ladies  a smart and gorgeous look .

for the parties and any  ceremonies you can make your wavy hairstyles  beautiful and attractive  and through your hairstyle people judge your  personality because   hair is the  beauty of a lady without hair  a woman is incomplete .

it is fact that you have wore the clothes, jewelry and applying the decent and well make up but  your hair is  not  made  in a   good way but when you make it  different style you look gorgeous. For your good look I have some hairstyle which you can make in your wavy hair it look   so charming.

Twisted hairstyle:

1. Wavy Hair  styles for girls

The season of wedding is continue  and the brides are worried about their hairstyle  they can select  the side twisted hairstyle and leave your wavy curly hair open you can use the fancy clips and  brooches on your twister for a good look  side parted twisted hairstyle is good with your off the shoulder gown  and light color lipstick is   best.

Vintage inspired hairstyle:

2. Wavy Hair  styles for girls

The ladies who like the vintage hairstyles and in this hairstyle they look awesome   if you have short hair then you can  make  wavy hairstyle with side  swept bangs   because the girls also cut their hair    due to the summer season then they can  do with the vintage  hairstyle  and the dark  maroon lipstick is good for the formal look you can use the tiara  on your hair.

Hairstyle for round face:

3. Wavy Hair  styles for girls

The hairstyles are made according to the face shape if the round face girls make the becumin their face look too much round and   healthy  so if you  have round face then you can make the   front braided hairstyle   and wavy curly hairstyle it is good for the winter season but you can make it in the summer also because the hair which you open in the winter  in the summer make a high ponytail.

Party look:

4. Wavy Hair  styles for girls

Parties are arranged   in whole year and the girls are very excited to attend the  party  so the girls who are upset  due to their hairstyle  they can  make the  one sided  wavy curly  hairstyle with bangs  and for the fancy look you can add the rhinestone made  and the other  pearl made head band on your  head it gives you a perfect party look.

Boho inspired hairstyles:

5. Wavy Hair  styles for girls

The girls who are inspired by the bohemian fashion they can  select their hairstyle according to their wish whether it  suits on them or not  .you can go with the platinum color and blonde color hair dye  in your long wavy curly hair . Many street styles ladies also like to go with these hairstyles center parted long hair in the golden color dye is giving you a gorgeous look.

Side ponytail:

6. Wavy Hair  styles for girls

Now a days the fashion  is increasing to do  side ponytail  it  looks very nice  you can make the  side ponytail in your wavy curly hair  and the side parted  in this hairstyle you can use the  bow knot style hair band  and the fancy pony and the clips can be used in  the formal hairstyles  you can go in  any get together parties and the  other formal parties  you can also make this hairstyle.

Lose braid and the half up and half down:

7. Wavy Hair  styles for girls

Long layered hairstyle with side bangs  and the edges are  highlighted  you can make the half up and half down hairstyle in your long hair and the  lose braid with  side bangs and the  wavy locks  in your  highlighted  hair  it is good for the party  and the street style look you can make  this hairstyle. In your wavy curly long hair you can make the wavy up do and the lose braid.

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