Get Latest Ideas on Hairstyles: That Makes You to Look Slimmer or Thinner

| February 12, 2014

Every Woman wants to look slim & smart. For this purpose she tries her best by bringing some changes into her dressing style, make-over as well as in hairstyle. Here we are going to discuss some mostly applied hairstyles that make your face & you to look slimmer. Yes guys I am not joking its absolutely right. There are total 5 styles from all these you can adopt one.

1)    First is to try long shag. This long shag can play a vital role in order to convert your round or large face into a thin or long shape. This long shape of your face will ultimately makes you to look slim or thinner. Usually those women who have medium size of hair can adopt this hairstyle.
2)    Second hairstyle that you can adopt is to add some layers into your hairs. If you have long hairs with your obesity. Then by changing your hairstyle or by cutting your hairs you can look slim to some extent. I suggest you to add some layers into your hairs. It will surly leave a positive impact.
3)    Asymmetrical bob haircut also makes you to look thinner. Because when bob is cut short from the back but long from the front then it makes you to look slim. It not only looks chic & modish but also easy to maintain. The women with short hair can adopt this hairstyle.
4)    Side swept bangs can also make you to look thinner. If you have a round face then in this case I suggest you to try a one side swept or two sides swept. It will play a good role in order to lengthen your round face & ultimately you will look slim.
5)    A messy side braid with side bang can make you to look slim. As you can see into the following pictures.

The hairstyle that you should avoid or not to try ever (because if you are fat then you can look more & more fat) are: Don’t even try sleek straight hairs because in this way your face looks more big instead of slim, the idea of super short cut is also not best for you, avoid blunt bangs, & don’t try a chin length bob hair cut because in this hairstyle your face look fat or more round.

Topic: Interesting & Easy Hairstyles that makes you to look slimmer & smart
Collection of: those pictures in which models are looking slim by adopting long shags, adding layers, asymmetrical bob cut, and one or two side swept bangs etc

Long Shags Hairstyle Idea

0 long shags idea

Add Some Layers & Look Slim

1 look thiner in this hairstyle

Asymmetrical Bob can Lengthen your Face Shape

2 sleek aysmmytrical bob

Side Swept Bangs can makes you to look slim

3  side swept bang make you look thinner

Side Braid Idea

4 priyanka in side braid

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