You Want to Look Slimmer Instantly then Get 7 Easy Styling Tips

| March 14, 2014

Every women or girl want to look slim & fit in this age of fashion. For this purpose they go on a diet for a long period of time or they join Jims for becoming slimmer. But all these methods take a long period of time. During all this process, when you want to attend a party or you want to go office for work then you will surely need some idea on how you can look slimmer instantly? That’s why here on this page I am going to share some tips & ideas with you. By bringing some slight changes into your dressing style, footwear, jewelry selection, make over & hair styling you can look slimmer. Now you just read the following points & by practicing on these you will feel a great change in to your personality:

Right Selection of Undergarments:
If we talk about clothing then first & initial point that you must keep in your mind for the purpose of looking slimmer is the right selection of bra. Yes, dear ladies many girls & women are unaware from the fact that if you never select a right size & body-fit bra then it makes your breast fall or you may look older. In simple & short words undergarments play a very crucial rule in order to make you slim.

Understand Your Figure Shape & Balance it out by the Right Selection of Outfits:
Now before selecting any outfit for yourself, you should first understand your body shape. I mean some women have wide shoulders while some have thin waist & heavy hips on the other hand some women have thin legs but long top. So, in this case, the thing that is required is to balance your figure by selecting right kind of outfit for you. For example a woman who has heavy hips but thin waist should select a loose shirt or top for the purpose of balancing her figure shape.  You can also balance out your figure by using color block print outfits. The dark colors are perfect for the those parts of body that you want to hide while the light or bright colors are perfect for those parts of body that you wants to make more prominent. Cowl neckline style is perfect for short breast women.

Define Your Waistline:
Another impressive way for looking slimmer instantly is to define your waistline by using belts. Yes lovely ladies belts have a crucial rule in order to make your waistline more prominent. So, it is the best way to look sexy & stylish also.

Stitching of Dress:
It is commonly said about the stitching of dress that it must be in hourglass shape. So, when you go to market a rule of thumb that you should follow is to buy a dress of this shape. Another interesting point that you must keep in to your mind is that if your never find the right size for your figure then you can go with a big & loose outfit because you can convert it according to your size because it is considered much easier to tailor down a big outfit into small (I mean according to your needs).

Avoid too Tight Clothes:
You must avoid the tight dresses or outfits because if you are thin then in tight clothes you look more thinner while if you are fat then in fitted clothes your body shape become more prominent & awkward. So go with normal fits.

Look Taller & Slimmer in Jeans:
You should try new styles of jeans because in long jeans you look slimmer & taller. The women with curvy figure shape can go with jeans & a scarf around their neckline because both can balance your figure. Women should avoid the jeans with some extra things such as cargo pockets, elastic waistbands, extra zippers or lots of embroidery or stone work because it adds volume into your personality. You can choose body lengthening clothes for looking long while you can also use boot cut jeans for getting right slim look.

Accomplish yourself with Fashionable Accessories:
Now it’s the time to talk about some other fashionable accessory such as footwear, jewelry, cardigans, scarves, hairstyling, jackets, handbags, make-over etc. When you wear a Flowy skirt of jeans then you can go with a high heel or pointed toe footwear while flats are perfect for too short ball gown style dresses. Skinny jeans also look perfect with high heel pair of shoe. Now come towards the make-over & hairstyling. In this regard you first make sure about your face shape then contour with the help of right kind of make-over & the same rule is followed during any haircut while the hair color is selected according to skin complexion. The scarf, nicely designed jewelry, pins & handbags or clutches can also play a vital role in your overall look.

Hope by following these tip you may look slimmer & smart. Along with all these you must be careful about your diet & exercise.

Topic: Ways to Look Slimmer Instantly
Tips are: Extremely Easy

Cowl Neckline Idea for Short Breast Women

2 cowl neckline idea for short breast women

Define your Waistline with Belt

3 to Make You Look Slimmer Instantly ideas

Avoid Too Tight Cloths

4 not tight clothes

Skinny Jeans Makes you Look Slimmer

5 skinny jeans

Color Blocking Print Idea

6 Color block dress

Accessorize Yourself with Handbags, Stylish Footwear, Scarves etc

7 fashion accessories

Right Selection of Undergarments

8 right selection of undergarment



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