Useful Do-it-yourself & Homemade Beauty Tips for Solving Tanned Skin Problem

| March 28, 2014

How Tanned Skin Problem Arise?

Tanned skin means a darker skin tone problem. This problem or tan skin occur due to the ultraviolet rays comes from the sun & makes your skin tone darker especially the naked parts of your body such as face, sometimes arms or legs when you wear short clothes.  Sometimes tan occurs on the skin due to usage of chemical based products or cosmetic which react with ultraviolet rays. Sunburn is one of the basic reasons of tanned skin.

Get Effortless & Useful Homemade Tips to Combat with Tanned Skin:

Let’s come toward the point, I know you are worried from your tanned skin problem. That’s why I am going to share some very beneficial & do-it-yourself homemade beauty tips with you on this page. Just read all these carefully & then try at home.

Aloe Vera as Best Treatment for Tanned Skin:

Aloe Vera is one of those items that are most widely used in beauty tips. Once again to get rid from your tanned skin you can use natural aloe Vera jell that is very easily available into home gardens if not then you can buy it from the market without any effort. Apply this jell on face or other parts of body for about 20 to 30 min. Then wash it with water. Aloe Vera contains cooling, moisturizing & refreshing properties. It removes tans from skin

Tanned Skin & Usage of Potato Juice:

For making potato juice you required a potato of medium size & then use an electric machine for making juice. Apply this juice on the affected areas of body by using cotton pad. Regular usage of this juice on the parts of body will surely solve your problem.

Lemon Juice Tip for Removing Tans from Skin:

Lemon Juice acts as bleaching agents on your skin that’s why for removing tans it is most widely used. Take two lemons & cut these into two equal parts. Now you can use these cut pieces of lemon on the affected area. Rub these lemons on your tanned skin for about 25 to 30 min. You can also use the fresh juice of lemon by using a soft fabric or cotton pad. This works very well in order to remove tans.

Sugar & Olive Oil Face Pack to Get Rid from Tanned Skin:

Use Sugar & Olive Oil lukewarm face pack for removing tans from your skin. Mix these two items with each other. Now massage at the required part of body but gently. After massaging from 30 to 40 min wash it with water.

Usage of Sunscreen, Hats & Umbrellas for Avoiding Tans:

Try to use Sun Protection Foundation of Sunscreen before going outside from the home. Use Umbrella or hats especially into the summer season. It will safe your face & body from tans.

Curd as Best Treatment for Tan Skin Homemade Tip:

Sure Yogurt or Curd is also most widely used tip in order to remove tans from the skin. Use it regularly on the face, arms or legs where you feel your skin is tanned. After some days you notice a positive change.

Gram Flour, Milk & Lime Juice Paste for Treating Your Tanned Skin:

The four important items such as gram flour (as you required for your skin or effected area), milk & lime juice for making a paste are required. This paste ultimately leads towards the removal of tans from your skin within few days when you use it regularly.

1 aloe vera jeel Homemade Beauty Tips for Tanned Skin

2  potato juice as Homemade Beauty Tips for Tanned Skin

3  lemon juice as Homemade Beauty Tips for Tanned Skin

4  sugar & olive oil face pack Homemade Beauty Tips for Tanned Skin

5  sunscreen, umbrella, caps as Homemade Beauty Tips for Tanned Skin

6 curd as Homemade Beauty Tips for Tanned Skin

7 Gram Flour and Milk as Homemade Beauty Tips for Tanned Skin

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