Styles of Wearing Scarf on Head

| February 6, 2016

Scarf is a need of Muslim girls because it is the culture of Muslim. But now carrying scarf is not limited for Muslims rather it becomes trend in all over the world .Girls use it in every functions and events but styles are different to put on. Because girls remain alert about every new fashion therefore they want to adopt that fashion first and want to become popular among all the society’s girl. There are many ways to put on scarf and it is available in many stuffs. You can wear scarf with casual, fancy and all dresses which are in your collection even pent shirt. Only contrast and styles are matter. In this winter season if you want to something warm and cozy you can add scarf in your outfit’s .Scarf is a source to protect ourselves from sun burn and rays of sun which is harmful for our head. Scarf is really very famous among the western and eastern both ladies but in different conduct.

Wearing scarf among the western:

Western girls are mostly very trendy and stylish therefore they carry scarf in different style as just like bands, turban style, wire bow dye, knotted bun fun and dye turban styles are common. Mostly western girls cover their head before going church and some Holy places and if you are going in church or some sacred places you should put on simple scarf in band styles .It gives you a religious touch but you can put on black and maroon scarf also .These colors are go with dark complexion .


The girls who are going to outside or any public place they wear some floral scarf as a head wrap if you make your look formal you can add of some antique jewelry as just like rings bracelet and bangles .If your dress is simple and light color you should carry dark color for your head scarf. For instance your dress is beige or baby pink color then you can carry dark purple and black color scarf confidently. Many colors are used in scarf but according to time just like that dark colors are at night and functions but light colors are for daytime.



Some girls like simple scarf but some want to something fancy then no need to be worried they can buy embroidered scarf just like sitara and mirror work. But if your scarf is not much fancy you can embellished it with different accessories. Silk scarf is best to grooming yourself. Because it, s stuff is light and give you an elegant look. Scarf is available in two forms triangle and square it is up to you that how you carry it.



Scarf is carried with pent shirts skirts and maxis also in a chic style .Velvet scarf is trendy now a days you can wear velvet scarf with your long coat .Wire bow dye scarf can go with pony tail and long hairstyles it can work as a hair band and accessories your hair with a ribbon. If you wear black jeans and white shirt, black sunglasses and red scarf is good to enhance your outlook.

Eastern style of wearing scarf:

Eastern ladies are very shy and moderate they want to hide their secret areas from those personalities who have no relation with their family because it is the demand of their religion and it is their obligation that they cover their hair and chest wit chador. But now in this modern age girls use scarf to maintain fashion and Islam. Scarf becomes the part of traditional Muslim girl.


Scarf can be put on with any costume as just like salwar kames, trouser shirt, frock and pajama, tights and sweat shirts .Now a day’s winter season is at its own peak and you wear long coat with jeans then you easily carry scarf on your head as the place of dupata just you should be sure that its width and length is long to cover your body and head.



Many girls wear it on the wedding ceremonies because it becomes a trend and way of elegant dressing but keep in your mind with wrapping scarf dark make up is very odd natural make up go best for hijaab and scarf. If you are going on a wedding ceremony then bold colors are good as like red, pink, green and blue. Different broaches and pins make your scarf fancy and attractive and you will be different and charming lady in the whole party.


Many working ladies who remain worried about their timing therefore scarf is a good thing to save their timing because we have no need to setting the dupatta and mould our hair in different styles. But light color like peach, sky blue, grapes color and beige color is best to going on duty and outside places .It gives you an elegant and attractive look. Floral, blocks, polka, lining prints are good for working ladies.



In the last I would like to tell you that fashion is whether anything but we should adopt it remain in limitations otherwise it looks odd and peculiar. You should try these ideas in wearing scarf and hijab to look more stylish and smart but it is up to you that what kind of style you like most. Stay blessed!

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