Scary Face Painting Ideas with Different Looks of Halloween for Girls

| December 26, 2015

Halloween is all about creepy looks that all the people generally like to have through their costumes and makeups. Special arrangements are done on this event to beware of the wicked souls especially the parties and the decorations for house, schools and offices. Special decorative ideas are used to décor the entire house placing out carved pumpkin and the bats on door. But when you have to attend Halloween party you are worried about your look. Different trends of decorating your persona has started to prevail one of which is face paint to give wicked frightening outlook. That’s why I have collected different makeup ideas for Halloween that you can do to fright others.
Before doing any face paint first make sure it may not cause harm on your skin so try it on your hand skin for further consciousness. Use water colors to paint the face instead of oil category because it can be difficult to rinse off the oil paint while water colors are easy to wash off after function with lukewarm water. You can do it home with any help of pro. When you are going to do makeup surely there is a chance of water color splashes on your dress that’s why you must cover your costume with rough cloth piece so that it may not get dirty. For further and closer look please grab the ideas from pictures given below for your help.

1.    Wicked soul makeup for girls you just work with white paint over your face and also on the messy hair to give perfect look by applying red lipstick and the whole black eyes with no white effect.

1. different halloween for face painting ideas

2.    The most famous and easy to do at home just pasting an open up zip on mouth and the open part with red inner layer of skin.’

2. different halloween for face painting ideas

3.    A dead clown terrifying paint with white black and red color. Red wider lips and nose while the eyes must look in the same way looking in the picture.

3. different halloween for face painting ideas

4.    Stitched lips you can make with black paint and over all white face on which the eyes are designed with blue color paint, lashes and stones around.

4. different halloween for face painting ideas

5.    Skeleton mouth with making teeth at lips and the whole face with pink color, to present more great effect you can wear scary color lenses.

5. different halloween for face painting ideas

6.    OMG face paint simply you can make at home just give splashes of colors as if this ghost has drank the blood and the most creep look arises from the white toned lenses.

6. different halloween for face painting ideas

7.    Frightening doll that is dead having red lipstick and the black lines on both sides of lips while on cheeks paint red color spiral circle.

7. different halloween for face painting ideas

8.    A lot of black eyes on forehead with only little white dot that can scare anyone present in the party you are going t attend.

8. different halloween for face painting ideas

9.    You only need two colors black and white by painting the whole eyes and the lines to give effect of broken face.

9. different halloween for face painting ideas

10.    This one is looking pretty enough because of using different feathery accessories at the corners of eyes while you can add stones and sequins.

10. different halloween for face painting ideas

11.    A complete look skeleton by only following up the paint steps where to dark and where you will paint light.

11. different halloween for face painting ideas

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