New Designs of Hand Knit Hats For Girls

| July 16, 2014

Hand Knit Hat:

Girls & boys both are very much curious about new styles of hats. Hats are usually designed in lots of different ways & styles. Mostly the people who have creative mind can do this task very well. we are loving in a modern age where everything is done by using machines but still there are some people who like to make lots of little but very important items with their own hands for example hats. Yes dear ladies today my discussion is all about the hand knit hats. These hats are created by using wool fiber. It’s all up to you whether you use one color fiber or more colors. You can make a simple hat or a floral pattern hat. Some designs & colors are shown below.

Flower Hand Knit Hat Pattern:

1 hand knit hat (14)


Have a look at this soft white shade of hat which is crocheted by using wool fiber & a flower design is created. This is looking very nice. Girls can use it for wearing into the winter season. It helps you to keep your head & ear warm into the winter season.

Green Hand Knit Beanie:

2 hand knit hat (11)This green color hat s knitted in such a way that it looks fit from forehead but lose from back, this style is known as beanie. Along with protecting you from the cold of the winter season it can also add some style into your personality.

Red & Black Knit Hat:

3 hand knit hat (12)This hat is created by using red & black color wool fibers but red color is the dominant color.  A four petal flower is also created. The edges of this hat are extended in such a way that these can also protect your eyes & face from the UV Rays of sun along with keeping your head & ear warm. You can wear this hat with a red or black color outfit.

Cap style Knit Hat:

4 hand knit hat (9)

This cap style walnut color knitted hat is also the best option for the high fashion conscious girls to wear it in this winter season. You will surely look very chic & stylish.

Stylish Crocheted Hats for Girls:

In this photo gallery you can explore the off-white, sky blue, red, grey, green, fur, maroon & lots of other colors of knit hats. Each hat is created by using a new pattern. If you are skillful in knitting then by looking only towards these pictures you can create the same design at home by using wool fiber. You can give a knit hat to your friend, cousin or relative on his/her birthday or anniversary also. It can be a best gift ever. Look at the gallery!



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