Nail Art Ideas for 2014 Summer Season

| June 6, 2014

Fashion of Nail Art:

In some previous few years, the fashion of nail art become very popular especially among the girls of this 21st century. Various people who have the skill of creating various designs can do it very well. They usually take inspiration for nail art from their surrounding, birds, cartons, flowers, animals, insects, concrete items, nature & similarly with lots of other living or non-living things.

Nail Art Designs Blog:

If you want to keep update yourself from new & innovative nail art designs then you should visit this website regularly because her we try our best in order to give you the latest info on most modern nail art in each season.

Nail Art for summer:

At the arrival of summer season, lots of item change their direction, I mean to say that in winter season we like to wear those tick cloth which keep our body warm while in summer season we want to keep our body cool & relaxed as much as it is possible by wearing thin & soft clothes. Similarly the make-over also influenced greatly from the seasonal changes. Then what about nail art? Yes dear girls it has also influenced.

Nail Color for summer 2014 Season:

Mostly the light & fresh colors are preferable for the summer season. You can go with pink, ske blue, purple (light shade), yellow, gray, green, red, orange etc. According to some stylist each color is perfect for the summer season.

Nail Art Ideas for 2014 Summer Season:

Here I am going to discuss very interesting & newest nail art designs which are exclusively created for this 2014 summer season.

1)    Swirling (a twisting pattern) Nail Art Idea with purple, yellow, radish, sky blue & silver nail colors
2)    Grass with Sunflower, butterfly & small chicken
3)    Polka dots Nail Art with Light Shades of Nail Colors
4)    Cat feet Nail Art Design (
5)    Zigzag Patterned Nail Art Idea
6)    Pink & White Flower Patterned Nail Art Idea with Red Nail Color as Base Color

Check out the pictures shown into the last of this article.

Nail Art Picture Gallery:

For more ideas you can check out the following picture gallery by clicking on each picture one-by-one.

1 amazing Nail Art  for summer collecftion

2 best Nail Art  for women fashion

3 nice Nail Art 2014 for summer

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