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| February 23, 2017

The life style and the fashion trends are going to change according to the time because if a person remains with same thing daily then he becomes fed up with the dull and same look of life so the designer introduce new styles and the designs for their customers because girls like to go with something new and unique that give them modern look because nobody wants to live without new style .

Fashion trends  are changing sometime it is in the old style  but little bit changing is compulsory for giving the new touch as just like the jeans is carried in so many styles top , tunic, shirts , kurtas, and many other dressing styles are  used  by the girls for changing their look  with the help of dresses , footwear, hairstyles and the pouches, clutches etc  can change your overall look.

Many dresses styles are  here which can give you a perfect trendy look for your formal ,semi formal and  the casual look  stay with us and see the different dresses that  is good for your  style and the gorgeous look.

Floral shirt with skirt:

Street style: o domingo na MFW de verão 2016

The girls who want to look more stylish they can wear the button down shirt in the floral style with the mini jeans skirt at the place of skirt if you are wearing the jeans pant  with this color shirt then it look something old  on this shirt the jeans jacket will increase  your look  with sports shoes and the shoulder bag  make the top bun  with light make up.

Jeans shirt with pant:

2. Change your look and style with modern fashion

Full fitted jeans pant and the button down shirt is looking nice  for the bohemian look this dress is good for  you jeans button down shirt  in the light blue and the pant in dark blue so wear the high heel tiger printed pumps  with this dress if you wear the nude color pumps  then it is nice choice carry the black  shouldered bag for the  fashionable look this dress is best for the stylish girls with the open hair.

Senior lady in trendy dress:

3. Change your look and style with modern fashion

For keeping yourself fresh and  free from tensions then  change your style  and the  dressing  because  dressing  is more countable in this trendy  era  s the senior lady who are going to an office or connected to any profession then wear the  stylish dress and leave your old dressing  halter  neckline sleeveless black top and the boot cut white fitted pant  with black wedges and the sunglasses dye your hair  and cut in the beautiful style.

Winter stylish look:

4. Change your look and style with modern fashion

In winter season you are going to attending the  get together party ,lunch party or dinner party then  carry something stylish and trendy dresses  it will cover your body from the winter cool breeze and  give you trendy look wear maroon color turtle neckline  long sweater  and the skinny in black  with the stylish belt  but at the place of maroon you can wear any decent  color like the black skin, green and the navy blue with this dress  carry long boots in black  color and the shoulder bag  in black .apply the pink lipstick and the short  hair in the curly style because the curl hairs are inn  in the fashion.

Vintage inspired look:

5. Change your look and style with modern fashion

Vintage look is very fabulous and graceful but it is also common in this new trendy age because the trends of the vintage era can’t be change the printed skirt and simple shirts were carried in the vintage  age but if you want to look stylish n the vintage dress then carry button down shirt  full fitted in white and the skirt in the  yellow color in the chiffon maxi style according to the new fashion and  wear the long coat in the red color in fur stuff at the place of  these hair make the high ponytail and use sunglasses  for the trendy look .

Boot cut pant with shirt:

6. Change your look and style with modern fashion

Printed top in the abstract print in the  top style is looking decent  with this shirt carry the  fitted jeans  than the boot cut jeans because it is old fashion if you wear the fitted jeans then it give you gorgeous look  with fur coat sleeveless  long boots  in suede stuff  make the golden highlights hair  use the black sunglasses and the pink lip shiner.  At the place of printed top carry the striped shirt with fitted jeans.

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