Latest 2015 Collection of Thawb for Women

| March 19, 2015

The word Thawb is a standard Arabic word which means ‘a garment’. It is an ankle length garment usually with long sleeves that is similar to a robe. Thawb is also known as Thobe, Dishdasha, Kandura or jalabiyyah in Libya. The Thawb is commonly worn by men in the Arab Peninsula, Iraq and other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. The term Thawb is also used for similar women’s garments.

It is same like men’s Thawb. Here we have women’s latest Thawb collection. These are long like tunic and long sleeved. These have been made with elegant fabrics like silk, chiffon and cotton. Beautiful pleated style Thawb is enhancing the look of the women garment.

For giving complete magnificent look different colors have been used for stitching these Thawb for women like purple, black, pink, grey and skin. Simply but stylish this collection of Thawb is really eye-fixing for women. Let’s have a look! See this ivory color front button closure woman Thawb in silk fabric is appearing fantastic.

Black beautiful Thobe for women with tiger skin fabric embellishment is looking appealing. Pink color bow neckline is looking very cute and eyeful.
Hope you will definitely like such wonderful collection of Women Thobe!

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black pink islamic thobe

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blue ladies thobe

grey black thobe design

pink thobe

purple style thobe

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stylish amazing thobe

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