Ideas to Take Pictures on Engagement Function

| February 6, 2017

Every moment pass away and which thing then remains with you is the selfies that will remind you the happy moments of life. So to take pictures with good pose will make the album of your life full of interest and love.  If it is the wedding function or arrangement ceremony you will desire to have best of all. ON the engagement function you must desire to have photos full of naughty expressions but also with love. You must be prepare to make a photo shoot that would inspire others and give you happiness whenever you see the picture. The day will pass and you will have photos with you so it is important to make pictures that can fill your heart with pleasure. Some ideas for photos are given below.

A light kiss on the cheeks of bride from groom:

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This picture will look very nice. Groom giving kiss on the cheeks of the bride and eyes of both are closed as they are living the every moment. Groom is respectful and thankful to bride for her acceptance for him. The ring in bride finger is shown with her hand putting on the chest of the groom. The dresses are very much visible and both are looking relax and comfortable in the picture. Expressions are speaking more than words. A smile on bride faces is showing her happiness for the moment.

A photo with making wish:

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This gesture will give you heartily happiness of praying together. The engagement day is best to wish together that may the both live together with happy and peaceful life. If you desire to capture the moment in photograph then make the picture beautiful with showing your hands in hands and put block on which alphabets are craved forever. To replace the alphabet o you can put ring in that place. This photo will look very sweet and your commitment is shown in the picture in lovely pose.

Photo with hand in hand:

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The best thing is to create a dreamy atmosphere in the picture that sounds lovely. Groom and bride with hand in hand are going ahead toward their future life together. Girls must see this image in her dream and it is the responsibility of men to fulfill the dreams of her beloved. So make start with fulfilling this dream to have hand in hand and move on now. In this gesture they are also taking the oath they will never leave each other through thick and thin. Scene behind is blurred and the focus is on hand and the whole picture is looking amazing. The ring of bride is shown clear in her hand that is looking very pretty.

Groom proposing with ring:

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A man must want to propose some one he loves and girls want to be proposed by the lover. On the knees man looks very gentle and also looks ready to bow down before girl. The feelings of girl cannot be described in words so make her feel out of his world. You can save the moment in picture and will feel overjoyed whenever you will see this picture. We can say this the best moment in a girl life and to have this moment all time with you will make you happy.

A picture with photo in mobile:

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This picture is looking a naughty one. Taking picture in mobile with different pose and then making that capture in mobile will look brilliant. If girl is kissing the boy or boy is kissing the girl then taking the picture in mobile then captures the complete pose in camera. The photo will look very chic and mod.

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