Gorgeous Nail Art Designs for the Girls

| August 5, 2016

The styles of the girls are very much and the nail paint is the vital thing in their grooming because they want to keep their nail maintain and colorful the nail paints are available in many colors  in one color you can buy a lot of shades nail paints are used for making the nail  attractive you can apply nail paint  in your any age because when you are applying nail paint your age is  no matter because the decoration of the nails  give you  inspiration and the  verve effect .

there are many nail art which are  famous among the girls the college and universities girls are fully eccentric for this  art and now many  accessories of making the things on the nail paints are available in the market  rather at the place of these accessories  the nail pant which can make these styles easily is also  common so in the  little time you can apply it and  make a  design art so if you want to make different styles of art  on the nail then stay with us and  see the different nail art that will always give you the feelings of  love and the affection.

1.    Nude with the black contrast:

1. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

Black color is very beautiful and it look nice all the light and dark colors take a nude color  with the black nail paint it is very beautiful .apply the skin nail paint on your  whole nails  and add the dots with black nail paint on the large finger, little finger  and the index finger  and the two which is remaining make the design with  black nail paint you can make the  boxes and  bow tie on the nails if you have used the bow tie in  your hair then apply this nail paint  because bow tie is good selection to  give the new  shape to your nails.

2.    Fruit inspired:

2. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

Many girls like to  make their favorite things on their nails sometime we make the fruits, vegetables ,  and other bakery things so if you want to go with the flowers  then you can make the strawberries on your nail with green and the red color nail paint you can  apply it is the summer because  in the summer the strawberry is available  same like you can make the brinjal ,carrot , banana and the mango on your hands .fruit inspired girls can make different fruits in their whole five fingers because fruits are so colorful  when you apply colorful nail paint with your simple dress it look so nice.

3.    Simple but elegant:

3. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

there are  many bold and the light color  are  used by the girls  then apply the transparent nail paint on your full hand nails and on it you can  use the black and the copper shade  put the dots on  with black color  and make the bow toe with the silver and black  combination and it should be on the front of your  nails  because it look nice you can go to college to make  this art. If you are a teacher then you can use this nail art because it will make your personality attractive.

4.    Colorful nail art:

4. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

If you have not too much white  complexion then you can go with  multi shaded  nail paints according the color scheme all colors are bold and bold color is for the dark complexion people .red blue white or purple color nail paint is looking gorgeous  with the lehengha and choli you can apply this nail paints. If you make this nail art then your dress is any color your nail paint will be good.

5.    Funky nail art:

5. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

The youth is very rebel they want to look like different to the others they apply the nail paint on their hands is white and white is not for the black complexion ladies so if you have done apply the nail paint then you can go with the dark color scheme pattern on your nail it is matched to your sunglasses and the dress because they like to play with the colors. Funky nail art is best for the summer season when you go out for trip and beach side party.

6.    Nail art for summer:

6. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

In the summer mostly ladies like to go with the bold color in their dressing because in the lawn prints on the girls the dark color look attractive and the stylish so you can make the nail art according to the dressing of your summer season   you should take a dark color nail paint and apply it on your whole nails and then make the flowers with the light color nail paint because it will give you a good feelings in the summer you can make your favorite flowers on the nails.

7.    Glittering and sparkling:

7. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

The girls who  want to attends the  parties and different  functions in the night they should go with the glitter nail paint because the teen ages girls hands are very beautiful and soft  so when you apply the  nail paint on your nails  then use the skin color glitter nail paint with the different contrast  on your whole finger make the littlie heart and on the  large finger make a design of flowers and butterflies  if you want to make design on the sparkling nail paint then  make different pattern on it.

8.    Gothic nail art:


8. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

The new generation is very different from the  previous generation because  they like to do different things  so they make  horror and mysterious tattoos  and the girls like to  apply the gothic nail paints  on your simple nails you can make the gothic nail art   with the dark color because in the gothic   things the use of black color is much more because black color is consider the color of fear  and  horror  make the skull  ,skeleton and the whole  effect of that scene with the help of different things.

9.    Animal print:

9. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

The fruit inspired is  famous then the animal print nail art is  not forgotten by the girls because  it look so nice  specially the leopard print and the zebra print  because  they both look so beautiful and you can make it on any color it look so elegant and  attractive the  blue with the sky blue combination is very decent and on the  black print is increasing the  beauty of nail art  if your  hand are too much white then you should make the   animal print on the dark brown color  with the black spots.

10.    Digital style:

10. 10 Nail Art Designs That YOU will LOVE

Now a day’s digital prints are too much common among the girls because it look so nice when you make it  apply the  shiny black nail paint on your nail  and make the digital flower on the corner of your nails  with the different color you can make it attractive and  decent black with the silver and the you can go with the bold red with the white and the  ash  grey with the black  all colors are gorgeous you can  apply all these colors  and it is good for get t gather party.

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