Golden Tips: 10 Homemade Anti Aging Face Masks for Women

| March 28, 2014

Anti Aging Face Problems:

Anti aging is a serious problem for beauty conscious women. Women can never compromise on their beauty. Wrinkles, jowls, spot, black marks & blotches are some of the common symptoms of aging which appears on the face & makes a woman’s personality very dull & un-charming. That is actually unbearable by the women. It makes your personality very un-attractive. You lose your confidence level plus you hesitate to attend parties & wedding events with these face problems.

How you can combat with this Aging Face Problem?

Don’t worry now you can combat with this problem very easily but patience is required. First don’t lose your confidence & try to add some guts of courage into yourself to combat with this. The following anti-aging face masks play a vital role in order to remove wrinkles & aging spots from your face.

7 Homemade & Do-it-Yourself Anti Aging Face Masks:

Read the following top 10 anti-aging face masks ideas:

1)    Egg, Lime Juice & Gram Flour Anti-Aging Face Mask:

For making this mask you need two to three tables’ spoons of gram flour & egg white plus lime juice for making paste.  Apply this paste on you face for half an hour. When it dries then rinse off with water.

2)    Aloe Vera Jell as Natural Anti Aging Face Mask:

You can simply use Aloe Vera Jell on your face as mask for about 20 to 30 min. This natural jell ultimately leads towards the healthy skin. It specifically heals your infectious parts of skin.

3)    Face Mask of Strawberry for Treating Your Aging Skin:

For making this face mask you need some strawberries (4 to 5 pieces). Then, mash all these strawberries very well. Now use egg white for making a paste. This paste is called strawberry egg white face mask. Apply it on your face for half an hour & then wash with cold water; it is the most excellent face mask for removing wrinkles from face.

4)    Anti Aging Fuller’s Earth Mask :

For making this mask you need fuller’s earth as you required for your face. For making a paste you need egg white & honey. By using these three ingredients you can make an anti aging face mask. There is also a tip for dry skin a woman that is to add some glycerin into this face mask for making your skin smooth. The time duration after applying this mask ranges from 30 to 40 min. When time is over then rinse off with cold water. (Oily skin women are restricted to add glycerin into this face mask).

5)    Banana as Best Anti Aging Face Pack:

No one can deny the importance of fruits in order to making our skin healthy & removing wrinkles. Banana is one of these fruits that are most widely used as anti aging face pack. Take one banana make a paste of it by mashing it very well. Now add some honey in it. Apply this paste on you face & neck for half an hour & then wash with cool water. Use this mask three days in a week. After some weeks you feel a positive change.

6)    Apple, Lime Juice, Cucumber & Egg White Face Mask:

Take three to five slices of cucumber, an egg white, a little paste of apple & some drops of lime juice. Mix all these ingredients very well. Apply this face mask for about 20 min & wash with water. Enzymes that exist in cucumber are usually leads towards the fresh skin.

7)    Egg White Face Mask for Tightens the Wrinkled Skin:

You just need an egg, separate the egg white & apply this egg white on your face. This face mask is applied only for 25 to 30 min. Then wash it with lukewarm water. This face mask is not only tightens your skin instantly but also play a vital role in order to vanishes your wrinkles.

You can tell me your feedback about these anti aging face masks. For knowing about the various ingredients that are used most in these face packs you can check out the following picture gallery.

1 Anti Aging Face Masks You Can Try At Home

2 egg use in Top 10 Anti Aging Face Masks You Can Try At Home

3 lime juice used in anti aging face mask

4 gramflour

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