Get Ready for the Mermaid Theme Party with Our 10 Easiest Instructions

| October 22, 2015

How to Get Ready for the Mermaid Party?

A mermaid theme party is a party that is planned by keeping the fantasy character “mermaid” into the mind. Mermaid is actually a special type of creature whose upper body resembles from a human being (female) while the bottom part o body resembles from a fish. This creature mostly lives into the sea under water.

So, when we talk about the mermaid theme party then it means we need each & everything that fulfills the requirement of this theme. From head to toe each & everything should be selected carefully. If you are invited on the same theme party then you never needs to worry because today I am going to share the top 10 very simple instructions with you that will surely help you a lot in order to get ready for the party. So, without wasting any time let’s starts!

1)    First of all you need to choose a dress for the party. In this case the mermaid style gown is best option. It is a gown that is body fit from upper & but flare like a fish tail from the bottom part.
2)    When it comes to colors then mostly green, pink, purple, blue, white colors are preferable. Make sure that you choose a right body fit mermaid gown.

0 dresses for mermaid Party dresses for mermaid Party (1) dresses for mermaid Party (2)

3)    Now move towards the selection of footwear. Mostly the high heel footwear is best option I you can carry high heel very easily otherwise you can opt with flat footwear in which you feel comfortable.
4)    Mostly the shimmer shoes match with your dress perfectly are best. Pointed toe footwear is also best.

footwear for mermaid Party (1) footwear for mermaid Party (2) footwear for mermaid Party
5)    Headpiece becomes very necessary if the party venue is a sea side or a beach. Yes, it will help you to add a boho touch into your look. You can go with seashell, pearls, sea flowers inspired headpieces. You can use artificial as well as original flower crown as well. The color or at least one tone should be matched with your dress.

headpieces for mermaid Party (1) headpieces for mermaid Party (2) headpieces for mermaid Party
6)    What about jewelry? Don’t skip it because jewelry adds gloriousness into your personality. It adds sea stone charm into your look. So, you can choose sea inspired jewelry, precious stone embellished earring, necklaces, bracelets etc. go with earring & bracelet combination or choose necklace with rings. Choose minimal pieces & look gorgeous!
jewelry for mermaid Party (1) jewelry for mermaid Party (2) jewelry for mermaid Party
7)    Make up? So, here don’t keep it light but it’s the right party to do neon shades inspired make up. Keep your make up a little bit bright & bold. Choose shades that go best with your dress or the shades that you think look nice on your skin complexion. Blending is the key to get flawless make up look. Don’t forget to use liner & mascara. Give a charming look to your eyes by using eye lashes. Highlight the eyebrows. Don’t forget blush on.
makeup formermaid Party (1) makeup formermaid Party
8)    It’s the time to make an impressive hairstyle! You have lot of option depends on your hair type, length & volume. You can add romantic curls; you can make one side French braid, fishtail braid, cascading hairstyle & so on. For decorating your hairs you already use a headpiece if required then fancy pins or hair combs can also be used.
pleeasing hairstyles for mermaid Party (1) pleeasing hairstyles for mermaid Party
9)    How you can forget to carry a clutch! Choose a sea shell inspired clutch, mermaid print clutch, shimmer or satin clutch. The color of clutch may be golden, silver, green, blue & any other that complement your dress.
stunning clutches for mermaid Party (1) stunning clutches for mermaid Party (2) stunning clutches for mermaid Party
10)    Here is a complete picture that shows very clearly a complete range of accessories for getting ready to a mermaid party. Dress, footwear, clutch & earring. Similarly, you can become a little bit bold by thinking creatively! Get ready & enjoy the party!
trendy but complete look for getting ready to a mermaid party

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