Elegant And Energetic Breed of “Russia” for “Military Sections”

| November 6, 2013

Black Russian Terrier is an outsized dog that was bred for police and military works in “Russia” he is an eligible watch and guard dog. He got very appreciation for the bounty of the exercises, their behavior with other dominant dog inadequately but mostly they love other dogs.


After the world war11, the “black Russian terrier” puppy were developed and invented  for police and military sections in “Russia” In 1957 Russian military has allowed to civilian this breed at vast range. Then this breed started to commercialization and for advertisement to grow for “Military sections” many proficient controllers started to working with “American breeders” after the end of the cold war, and then the American organization “American Kennel Association” also invented this breed in July, 2004.


The male “black Russian terrier” puppy has 25 to 29 inches width from the female; female has 25 to 28 inches width [the height point of the shoulder length], their size is almost like adult human two year baby size,

Grooming care:

For the grooming of the puppy is much essential part to keep your puppy vigorous and energetic in very chic way, don’t ignore his grooming about his coat, exercises, trainings, food and so on, as this breaded dogs has ruffled, watertight dual coat, his out coat is harsh and hard while his under coat is fluffy and soft, to make the smooth surface of his coat, you need to brushing half an hour twice time in a week and for trimming thrice time in a year,

As pet:

If you want to look your puppy, healthy, energetic and fresh, then you ought to follow all above mentioned advices that are too much suitable the contentment and pleasant mood  of the your domestic pet or professional pet.

Material status: Information about Black Russian Terrier puppy
Size: {male} 25 to 29 {female} 25 to 28} inches width
Developed in:  “Russia” in 1957
Discovered again in: America” July 2004
At the association of: “American Kennel Association”
Growing for:  “Military and police sections”
From the occasion of: after the world war 11

big Black Russian Terrier puppy

Black hair Russian Terrier puppy

Black Russian Terrier petit pappy

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