Colorful Pocket Mirrors

| July 10, 2014


Mirror is an object which reflects light and shows image of anything placed in front of it. Mirror can b disclosed in every size and shape as it is required by any person or as demanded.

Difference between glass and mirror

Glass is also considered as useful object but utilization of both mirror and glass are different from one another. Glass is unable to show the clear cut reflection as mirror even mirror is also a piece of glass which is maintained with the layer of silica.

Exclusive utilization of mirror

Mirror can be utilized in abundant object and fields. Common use of mirror is to show out reflection of person or any other object standing or placing in front of it. Yet it is also utilized in designing segments like decorations or in field of architecture.

Current presentation

Our current presentation is intra-linked with fascinating and attractive collection of pocket mirror which can b kept by person with it every time at every place.

Pocket mirror

Look upon adorable collection of small pocket mirror which are decorated with gaily patterns like dolls, scenes, animals, flowers and much more which attracts a person toward its colorful cute appearance.

Suitable for

Such presented collection is suitable for every one which can b kept by person from one place to another easily.

beautiful Pocket mirror

black and white color Pocket mirror

blue and green color Pocket mirror

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