Choose The Right Pair Of Opticals According To Your Face Shape

| July 27, 2017

If you are looking for opticals to make you look decent and graceful because after your eyes checkup, your doctor recommends you to wear opticals all time. Stay tuned with us because here we are telling you that how can you make you look handsome even by wearing opticals.

First of all you need to determine your face shape because it is vital while choosing the right pair of glasses. People born with different face shapes as round, oblong, square, heart shape, oval, diamond, triangle etc, if you don’t know about your actual face shape then you can find it easily by taking a selfie.

Take a selfie and then place a tracing paper to outline the edges of your face shape to work out your face shape and then find out the right frame to flatter your face shape. Shape and even color of your frame can become a part of your visual identity.

If you have very angular face shape with lots of lines and planes, you should go for round frames to add some curves in it. Having a soft face with curving features you need to choose straight or angled frames.

Round face guys should go for flat and rectangular lenses because it will make your face longer and thinner, particularly if they sit high on your face shape.

Rectangular frames provide immediate structure and polish to round features, keep the actual material thin because thick frame looks a little chunky on a round face. Guys having square face should choose glasses with soft, round lines with minimal frames as it will look best on your square face.

They can soften their impression by wearing round lenses but rarely rimless horizontal frames can also help play up your strong features. For square faces, the frames should stay slim because thick frames give a square face an overpowering impression that will draw away from the rest of your appearance.

If you have heart-shape face and want to contour your chin and cheeks, you must choose a pair that is wide on top than the bottom. Oval faces are most common, ideal and versatile because they work well wi8th most styles and any frame can work with an oval-shaped face.

Choose frames that are broader than the widest part of your face shape and avoid anything that unbalances your proportions. A thicker frame can add definition to your face, just be careful and not to get anything so heavy that it empowers your actual face features.

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