Bow Ties For Dogs

| July 16, 2014

Bow Tie:

Tie is basically a neck wear which is worn by men, women, boys, girls, kids & even by dogs. men usually use it with pant coat & T-shirt while women also use with T-shirts, boys & girls can use it as a uniform wear similarly kids also use it before going to school. Mostly office going men & women use this accessory.

We all are aware from the fact that most of the British people love their dogs very much that’s why mostly they are in search of such dog accessories which can make their dog to look beautiful & cute. The tie is one of those accessories. A dog tie is also closely resembles from the ties of human being. Dog ties also come in a number of different styles, colors, stuff & designs. But here we will talk only about the bow style dog tie. Some popular colors & designs are described below.

Polka Dots Bow Tie:

0 dog bow tie (4)

1 dog bow tie (14)

In the very first & second picture you can see the very popular polka dots design bow ties. These ties can add some cuteness & loveliness into your puppy’s personality. You can see red, peach, green, blue & lots of other colors of bow ties. You can choose the color that suits your pup very much or your selection can also depend on the color of your puppy’s dress.

Red & White Lining Bow Tie:

2 dog bow tie (3)

Take a look at this vertical lining bow tie. The combination of red & white is looking very gorgeous. In this picture on the right side you can see a dog with this bow tie in his neck. This color combination (red & white) can go perfect with a fawn coated dog or even with white or brown or black coated dogs also.

Simple Bow Tie:


3 dog bow tie (6)


4 dog bow tie (8)If you & your dog never like prints & demand something simple? Then take a look at the above picture in the first picture simple black & white bows are shown while in second pictures a dog is shown who appear in black bow tie in his neck. Tie can play a vital role in order to make your dog’s personality impressive, civilized & polite.

Cartoon Print Bow Tie:

5 dog bow tie (10)

Take a look at his cartoon print orange & black color tie worn by the erect ears black & white marked dog. Try to choose a soft stuff tie for your dog so that no allergy problem can arise. Try to keep your dog’s leash less tight or loose so that he/she can move the neck very easily.

Dog Bow Ties:

For exploring more designs you can look into the following picture gallery which is also full of with the very unique & stylish designs of dog bow ties such as tiger print bow tie or checkered tie etc. Take a look at each picture deeply & then get ideas about the dog necktie.

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