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| November 6, 2013

The Mucuchies are mountain and Venezuela dog breed type and much seemly for a domestic pet. In 1964 they were recognized or introduced in public or messes by the name of ‘Mucuchies’.  They have a short hair coat on whole body with bough. They have usually white color with the patches of tan, grey, black and brown.

They have short eyes in black color, short ears, square broad noses, curved tail and medium length with thin little coat. They can bear easily coldness and snowing weather because they were originated in much cold place as mountain and villages.

Other fetchers:
They are very affectionate, brilliant, energetic and active breed of dog therefore it is much decorous as domestic pet. They have not need too much care and grooming but you would have to take carried in open eras, where they could easily play, ruin and long walk.

As a pet;
You can easily purchase this dog breed as domestic pet because by nature they have been found much tolerated, innocent and intelligent. They like to live in indoor places and also like children’s company and playing with ball and toys. Daily long walk is a hobby of this sincere dog breed that has a cute name “Mucuchies”…

Bred: Dogs
Name; Mucuchies
Introduced in: 1964
Found in: Mountain areas
Color: White with honey, tan, grey spots/patches
Grooming: Much easier because of thin hair coat
Used for: Domestic pet as friendly character

Mucuchies dog photot

Mucuchies dog pictures

white color Mucuchies dog

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