Awesome 3D Tattoo on Hands

| January 19, 2015

Tattoo: Tattoo is an image made in the skin with ink and a needle. Tattooing is a method of decorating the skin by inserting colored substances under the surface. The skin is punctured with a sharp instrument, which now is usually a solenoid-driven needle, that carries the inks to lower layers of the skin.

3Dtatoos: Here are some amazing 3D tattoos from around the web. You have to have some serious amount of skill to draw these on your hands.

3D tattoos for hands: Tattoos and 3D optical illusions both look lovely, but what happens when you blend the two together? Here are some adorable and super awesome 3D tattoos presented for all tattoo lovers.

3d body tattoos: Three dimensional tattoos are increasingly popular all over the world. Rather than the flat, boring tattoo of the past, many men and women have begun requesting tattoos that appear to jump off of their bodies. These tattoos are highly skilled and take a significant amount of additional time to create. Not all tattoo artists have the ability to give a tattoo a 3D effect.

3D tattoos on hands: Using light and shadowing tricks to help make images on your skin appear to pop out of your hand, tattoo artists with the ability to create three dimensional tattoos are in high demand across the country.

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