9 Steps to Apply Professional Make up

| April 4, 2015

Make Up

Make up is mostly applied by women just to enhance their beauty and allurement of their personality. There are number of different kinds of makeup according to face cuts,ocassions, character played, dressings, hairstyles etc.

Current Presentation

Our current drafted presentation is affiliated with the display of unique and allurin g ideas of remarkable make up ideas for girls. We are presenting you some eas and skilled steps to do a perfect make up for events.

Steps to do Make up

Here we are presenting you some techniques and steps to do a flawless and perfect make up for girls.
1. First step is to wash you face and use a good cleanser to remove impurities from your skin.
2. Then apply a good moisturizer which perfectlu suits your skin.
3. Then use a best foundation primers which are used to make the base of your face and make up.
4. And then next step is to apply concealer on any readiness space in your skin.
5. And then set the concelaer woth powder to smash it perfectly.
6. Apply blush which should not too dark for your skin
7. Apply eye shades
8. Then apply liner to give beautiful look.
9. Then use lipstick or gloss which u want

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Here our current rafted images are correlated with the dispaly of some amazing steps and techniques of make up for girls whch facilitate them in applying perfect make up.

apply foundation



eye make up


mineral make up


professional make up

simple make up

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