10 Repulsive things you Need stop to Wear as a Stylish Girl

| November 14, 2015

ressing science of a girl:

Nice and elegant fashion senses are made your personality individual and superb among the others. Your dressing sense, selection of accessories and many other fashion expressions present your taste and explore the magnificence of your personality. Girls are symbol of beauty, of attraction and also of elegance so they should do justify with all these symbols.
In this regard here we have something to share with you. Being a stylish girl we are going to discuss those accessories which we should stop to wear. Girls are worn odd and poor expressional accessories just because they look attractive to them. But it is not enough to attain the classy elegance. You can’t wear only those things which are fascinating you rather you should select such accessories which can enhance the classy grace of your personality. Here we are discussing those accessories and wearing styles which are not appropriate for gorgeous girls. These things you should stop to wear to create the right expression of classy grace.
Let’s discuss those accessories and outfits along with their ridiculous expressions which you will also find odd and poor.

Ugg with skirts:


It produces very sorry effect and girls should stop to wear this ridiculous style. It was popular in 2006 but it was just a failed fashion and stylish girls must know it.

Friendship bands:


Friendship Bracelets

Stacks of friend bands are also not cool and extraordinary stylish in their expression. Girls are worn these bracelets to produce funky and punk fashion expression but it does not produce desire results.

Bandage dresses:

bandage dress

These dresses have poor fitting patterns which easily decrease the grace of personality. An odd and ugly expression is created from these dresses and trendy girls must avoid it.

Sneaker boots:


Sneakers are greatly popular among the funky boys but it does no produce as elegant expression for girls as it is assumed. Girls are spoiled their impressive grace by selecting sneakers at a state of less info about fashion and its right expression.

Dark Bold eye makeup:


Dark makeup shades specially for eyes are not recommended but some girls are apply dark shades to look unique. Full application of dark shades at whole eye produce extremely sorry effect and girls look ridiculous.

Ripped pants:



Ragged pants are also not produced any decent effect. These pants can be best for imo, punk and funky fashion lovers but for stylish modern girls, ripped pants do not produce any graceful effect. You can imagine this thing from the shared picture.

Oversize earrings:


It is also big blunder which is often made by even sensible girls. Oversize earring decreases the grace of your outfits and hairstyle also. It captured the attraction of other but with a negative and strange response, so to look stylish think about decent and stylish earrings.

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