10 Dress Accessories you have to Need Stop Wearing Hurry Up by a Woman:

| November 14, 2015

Woman is the name of beauty and one woman should to wear the fashionable clothes which are looking very sensible to her. Over & odd dressing to the girls are shows them ugly. The girls fashion sense is sometimes very strange & people to see you gives the awful type expressions to you, which make a cause for embracement to you. Here we have top 10 dress accessories you have to stop wearing immediately by a woman. Let’s have a look to these accessories as below:

1.    Stop to wear Bum Baring Shorts:

Bum-Baring Shorts

The bum baring shorts are looking very ugly to the girls. These bum baring shorts are sometimes in very short & in rough denim shorts which are shows you an odd & not sensible dressing guys. Stop to wear this immediately.

2.    Stop from Color Dyed Ends:

Color Dyed Ends

We all know that girls are exotic to wear the different kind of new upcoming fashion trends. Color dyed ends are also one of them fashion trends. The ugly shades in dyed are blue, sky, green & shocking pink in dyed looking very strange & advising to you not adopted it.

3.    Avoid to wear Colored Denim:

Coloured Denim

The boys & girls both are like to wear the denim jeans as well. Light & dark blue shades are very common & looking very pretty to see. But the other colorful denim jeans are looking very awful to the girls.

4.    Stop to wear Flat forms:


The flat forms shoes are the very elegant style in one of the unique shoe style. But this kind of shoe style is not suitable for all girls. Girls with tall or short looking very strange to wear this flat forms shoe style.

5.    Ignore to wear Furry Boots:

Furry Boots

The furry long shoes are also one of the odd styles of the shoes. Girls wear this shoe style in winter season & looking very strange as like having awful furry paw.

6.    Stop to wear Graphic Leggings:

Graphic Leggings

The graphic legging is also one of the strange look fashion style for the guys. The graphic design leggings or shirts are called the artistic design clothing for guys. But girls must stop to wear this kind of dressing because this is not suitable for them & some specific guys can wear it but this is not for all.

7.    Avoid to wear Harem Pants:

Harem Pants

The herm pants & drop crotch pants are also one of the famous dress styles. This style basically introduced for the funky boys but when girls are wearing this dress style they look very odd & strange. Therefore, advising to you to stop to wearing the harem & drop crotch pants.

8.    Stop wearing Hoop earring:

hool earings

The jewelry is also very commonly used by the girls but pick up always a right piece of jewelry for wearing. Hop style earring is specific style for specific face shape girls. This is looking very odd to wearing by all ladies.

9.    Stop to wearing Mullet Hems:

Mullet Hems

The mullet hems or tail style dress is one of the upcoming fashion trends. The average length of tail is very nice to see but now a day girls make this tail very long & very awful which make this dress ugly to wearing by the girls.

10.    Avoid to wearing Wedge Sneakers:

Wedge Sneakers

The sneakers are very trendy footwear style for the guys. With the promotion of sneakers with wedge style for girls is not resulted very appreciable. This looks very strange to wear by the girls and they have to stop to wear it.

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