Some Fabulous Jeans for Girls

| December 6, 2016

Jeans that is favorite of girls

The dressing of a person makes him decent and elegant in the eyes of other   because people are very trendy and only judge you from your dressing  not your  heart because this is the  world which is only  like the outer beauty not the inner so the dresses should be in good and modern condition otherwise you are outdated man and you have nothing in the eyes of others.  Girls dressing is very tough because they don’t want to carry same style they are very conscious about their dressing because they want to look different from the others and the style whether it is in the dresses,

in shoes bags anything your choice should be modern and the pants are very common among the girls that give you a dashing look  jeans pants are compulsory  for the girls  because they can carry the jeans with any dress like top ,crop top tunic ,  kurta and  the shirts in the winter and summer both season because it is not too much  hot a and too much cold stuff it is best for all seasons .in the girls jeans there are many types like boyfriend jeans , ripped , rough, skinny , boot cut , flare , narrow and the  printed jeans are the choice of girls.

Black with black pair:


Black color  t shirt with the black fitted pant is nice choice  ankle length long boots  with chunky heels  it is very simple and the black color is very dearest color for the girls they want to carry it everywhere  in the  casual and the formal  all looks  with this dress leather bag and the  open hair with maroon lipstick  is good style for summer season.

 Ripped jeans with coat:


 Ripped jeans with the white collar shirt  and the long coat is  very funky style  it is upper from your ankle and the  style of this dress can suited only on the  bold girls carry the white  shirt and cost with jeans and the pointed pumps in the nude and brown color look good for the funky look  white  pouch with the colorful clutch and the cat eye sunglasses.

Jeans with sweater:


 In the winter girls want to carry dress  in the jeans so you can go with the zipper fitted jeans  and three shaded sweater  with high heel strappy sandal  with your  blue jeans carry the sweater it can be   in the wool and the crochet both stuffs. With the jeans shrugs and the fringes  long  nude color blazer  with the basic white shirt and the rough white jeans is giving you a farm house girl look.  Pointed ankle length booties are looking so decent and giving you a decent look.

Boot cut pant:


Boot cut  pant is very nice and for the young girls it look so attractive dark blue color jeans in the boot cut style  the upper is fitted and the bottom is full loose and the  bell  bottom style  hood jacket and the upper  is nice style  with it you can carry sports shoes and the  two shaded ankle length jeans is also good it is very comfortable  and the  button down shirt with the  coat shoes is looking great.

Formal look jackets:


The girls who like to carry jeans in the formal events then  can carry the jeans with the  white lace  embellished sleeveless top  with full fitted boyfriend jeans  frill sleeves in cap style with it you can carry  loafer boots and the black sunglasses in the bluish black color fit and flare pant is looking so attractive  because with it white color lace embellished top with full sleeves are looking awesome  make the top bun with bold red lipstick green  color  printed style  top with blue jeans  is looking so attractive  the frill style on the shirt with the grey color pointed pumps are looking fabulous.

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