Pretty Red Riding Hood for Girls

| June 23, 2015

Red riding hood for girls inspired from the red riding hood movie in which girl wear peasant style dress and an attached gingham apron. A pretty red hooded cap is included and also she has a basket. In little riding hood for girls, story revolves around a little girl, after the red hooded cape or cloak. The girl walks through the woods to deliver the food to her sickly grandmother.

A mean wolf want to eat the girl and the food in the basket. This movie became very popular in the film industry so from there red riding hood came up. Now red riding hood is also available in various styles. Long and short both are included in this. Girls mostly who play act the role of red riding hood girl wear same costume which she was wear in movie.

This red riding hood made up with different fabrics printed as well as simple. Hooded cape or cloak looks good and attractive on cute girls. Here we have collection of red riding hood for girls. Have a look! Little girl in long red riding hood cape is looking stunning. Thigh length red riding hooded cape with peasant style dress is appearing cute on this girl.  Sexy red riding costume with hooded cape is giving bombastic look to this girl.
Hope you will like it!

Red Riding Hood  for Girls  (1)

Red Riding Hood  for Girls  (2)

Red Riding Hood  for Girls  (3)

Red Riding Hood  for Girls  (4)

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