Office Wear Ideas for Men & Women

| February 23, 2015

How to Dress for Office?

When it comes to choose a dress for the office hours then I think you should play with fashion but decently & nicely. You need to wake up early in the morning & try an outfit for a stunning look.  But the question that is arising into your mind is that what outfit you should try for office? Don’t worry just solve your daily problem “what to wear on work?” by getting ideas from here. Let’s start!

Business Look:

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For the purpose of getting typical business women or businessman look men & women can try typical business suits as shown into the above pictures. They can go shirts, pants, classic boots, ties, simple shoulder or handbag for keeping necessary documents. Don’t use any extra jewelry or stylish footwear.

Stylish Office Look:

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For a stylish office look you can go with stylish clothes such as ladies can use a pencil dress with a high heel pair of boot. Men can go with a button up cardigan, pant & a stylish pair of footwear. When you are wearing stylish clothes then don’t neglect your hairstyle & a little make-over. Ladies can use bracelets or fancy wrist watches. For a stylish look pay attention towards shoes, bag, minimal jeweler, watches, lips, nails etc.

Casual & Careless Look for Office:

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Now days, casual & careless, looks are also quite famous for the office. For getting this look you have to follow your casual style of clothing & footwear. Female can get careless look by using creative & interesting shape of clothes such as slouchy or oversized tops with skinny pants & flat pair of footwear while men can go with simple jeans pant with folding up bottoms & button up shirt.

Hot Dressing Ideas for Office Wear:

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For hot look you should try make-over, dark lip stick, sky high heel, little formal outfits. Eyewear is a good addition into your hot look. Use stylish belts with your dress. Ladies can use clutches instead of shoulder bags. Men can use blazer on their simple tops.

How to Select Right Dress for Office Wear?

You should need to choose right dress for the office by keeping the comfort factor into the mind. You need to widen the range of your wardrobe by adding different styles of shirts for office. Always choose comfy & comfortable footwear. Your office bag should be big so that it can carry all necessary items that you need during your office hours , dress should be practical instead of too much decorative.

You can keep eye on office icons for getting ideas on way of dressing. Always use simple & light weight pieces of jewelry if you like jewelry passionately otherwise only a wrist watch or simple bracelet is enough. Similarly, you need to pay your attention even on little details when you are preparing for the office.

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