How A Groom Can Stand Out In The Crowd

| February 24, 2017

Wedding is the big day not only for bride but also for groom. Mostly people talk about the looks of bridal and forget to see what the groom is looking. A groom must look nice and should complement her bride with his stylish dressing.

A groom must attract people with his fine and elegant look and what plays the important role in the appearance of groom is his dressing. The dressing should be appropriate and nice that goes perfect with the body of the groom and should look nice upon him. Mostly groom opt for three piece dress and people assume this dress as the obvious one to wear and it is very simple to carry it.

but there are some points toward which groom should pay attention. Some of the important tips are here for you that you need to care about before going to wear suit on your wedding:

•    Instead of purchasing a ready-to-wear suit try to have tailored suit that go perfect to your body shape and size. Because height, width also count a lot in the overall look of the three piece.
•    The cuffs of the sleeves should be seen from the coat that will add an air of sophistication to your overall look. You can select any color from charcoal, black, grey and mid-night blue color. These colors will look nice and will give you very elegant and sophisticated look. The wearing a printed shirt or white color shirt make the cuffs of the shirt seen from dark color coat to look amazing.
•    To have masculine look is the desire of every man and for this the width of the lapel matter a lot. The width would neither be too small or too large but it should go plain according the shoulder. Peak lapel give very striking look.
•    The length of the tie and lapel should be equal. If the length of the tie is longer than the lapel then that will look very clumsy. So make sure that the length of the lapel and tie are equal.
•    You can have one button coat, two buttons or three button coat. But with two buttons must leave the second button open to stay comfortable all time. With three buttons coat must leave the last button open and fasten the first two buttons.
•    Double vent at back of the coat is trendy and will make you feel relaxed while moving here and there. This double vent style will make you look stylish and fashionable.
•    The color of your shoes must go perfect with the color of the belt. If you are not in mood to wear belt as that is not in trend so make sure that the color and style of shoes are complementing the dress.
•    Your dress should make you stand out In the crowd. When someone look at you and the other groomsmen he or she should be able to recognize the groom from the first look. You can make theme to wear same suit for groomsman and the suit of the groom should stand alone.
•    The color of the tie is really very important and that should add grace to your look. You can match the color of the tie with the color of the dress of the bride to look like perfect couple made for each other.
These are some of the rules a groom must pay attention to have handsome look on his wedding.

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