8 Stylish Mehndi Designs For Specific Parts Of Body

| July 15, 2014

Significant of Mehndi

Mehndi is the most inexplicable and joyful art of applying on hands and feet. The art of applying mehndi in Eid Celebrations, Wedding occasions and some casual parties is the vital element of the Asian countries. Elder and young girls are quite crazy about the different designs and styles of the mehndi, they want to apply different designs as compared to their friends. There are extremely huge art of applying mehndi on different parts of body. Hands and feet are common for the mehndi but the passage of time, this fashion has changed and takes also the place of applying mehndi on neck, back neck, on belly and on the waist side. They all have enormously thousand new styles and designs for applying mehndi with con. Mehndi can be apply with Arabian style, Pakistani style, Indian style and Egyptian style. In the time of Islamic events or wedding occasions, the parlors and salons become so rushy, actually we can also apply mehndi at homes with some practice.

sight on the picture gallery of different mehndi designs:

Here we are going to share some distinctive artistic designs of mehndi that will surely facilitate you to take some experience from this collection and with doing some practice you may be able to apply on specific parts of the body. Have an admiring glance on all the pictures of the mehndi designs.

Gorgeous mehndi design for hands:

1. mehndi designs of different body part (2)

This simply astonishing design is the art of applying mehndi on hands on the front side. Simply trendy and modish designs especially for chic girls who like to apply quite light designs with some shimmery touch. This design is presenting the Pakistani art of mehndi.

Adorned mehndi design for hands:

2. mehndi designs of different body part (7)

This stylish mehndi design having the Indian mehndi design, specifically having the bridal design mehndi on both hands and arms. The main credit goes to the artist who applies it on the hands. This mehndi design is paired with half sleeves or sleeveless shirt.

Mehndi design for arms:

Pakistani Mehndi Design For Hand

Mody girls are crazily conspicuous about distinctive and typical mehndi designs. In this picture, mehndi desing shown for arms and it is adorned with gleaming and luminous sparkling color con.

Mehndi design for neck:

4. mehndi designs of different body part (4)

Mehndi designs enhances the beauty and grace of the girls as well as brides on the day of wedding so each and every girl want to increase the loveliness through the stupendepuse mehndi designs. Here mehndi design is shown for neck that is used by some fashionable girls for the beautification of their neck.

Decent Mehndi design for neck;

5. mehndi designs of different body part (5)

This flowery style mehndi for neck is the choice of the every chic girl to apply on the neck. This neck style mehndi is suited with sweetheart neckline or with the wide neckline to display in the best manner.

Best mehndi design for back:

6. mehndi designs of different body part (6)

This conspicuous mehndi design has fantastically awesome design especially used in the India and western countries for the informal events to show the beauties of your dress.

Fabulous mehndi design for waist:

7. mehndi designs of different body part (1)

This graceful design is the artistic experience to apply on the waist with special attention and concentration to display your waist in a best manner. These waist style designs are tremendously used with jeans or with sari.

Stylish mehndi design for foot:

8. mehndi designs of different body part (3)

To apply mehndi in the foot is the traditional and customary in Asian countries especially, brides mostly prefer to apply it on their feet for their beautification. Some trendy and modish girls also like to apply this conventional foot mehndi design. This stylish design can be adorned with some gleaming effect with some shiny mehndi con.

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