5 Tips on How To Dressing Like a French Girl Perfectly

| August 19, 2016

When it talks about French fashion the two things come in mind, effortless and chic. Yes French ladies look effortless having the classy dressing codes, every country has its own norms of fashion and French women have the ability to turn the heads with their pairing, matching, accessorizing and lastly the attitude. If you think that French ladies carry the most expensive pairs of attires then you are wrong and need to be right because they believe that don’t describe your fashion through brands, wear whatever you want and feel comfy even in the cheaper wearing that you consider best for you.

The one misconception about French fashion is that it revolves around black color, nope, actually the black color is their basic and they try every color to look different and unique every day.
Well you will not see any French lady overdoing the things, they hardly wear 2-3 jewels at the same time and most effort is upon picking up the right dressing and having the hairstyle that is most natural but demanding at the same style.

Their pickings are noticeable but have the groomed features which attract and create a competition line with other fashions and trend. We will give you 5 tips that what are the main and basic priorities of a French lady to dress so wondrously, let’s start from the very of first image below.

Ripped jeans with high heel and flat shoes:

1. French Girl fashion tips

A ripped jean is their most fav pair to try with black and white sweaters even in fall season. The one habit of French ladies is that they keep the high heels in their bag and opt for flats to walk smoothly, whenever they need to show the sexiness the option of high heels available all the time. Loafers are best to dress like French girls but if you don’t compromise with looks then carry high heel footwear to get lure look.

Sophistication is the key:

2. French Girl fashion tips

So you will not see the French or Parisian girls wearing so tight fittings, they believe that wearing is something that reflect yourself not your figure. Commonly a fine blouse or tight top is the preferred piece with shorts but here in the cover image a loose sweater like upper covering is making the look flawless. They can style any statement piece to pack up the gorgeousness at one.

All black is not their rule:

3. French Girl fashion tips

This dressing is revealing the French fashion necessities having no all black but adding the charming accents with black would be preferable. The crushed glossy yellow mid skirt with white top and leather jacket is so much glorious wearing to try. But look at the accessories, just the loafers, black bag and fine eyewear. High top bun lift up just the messy hairs is their last minute but stylish hairstyling need.

Trench coats are must-have:

4. French Girl fashion tips

For winter days, the trench coats in different subtle shades are the must-have wearing of French women. The street style winter fashion is filled up with trenches and black, pink, khaki, olive green and grey coats are cool. Neck wraps can make the look so gorgeous while the black ankle length booties can enhance the white jeans more.

Be classy but comfy:

5. French Girl fashion tips

So the plaid short or single dress is fun thing to wear but keep in mind that French ladies always own for scarves around neck in different styles as the add the grace in style. Open hairs, wrist watch, flat matching pumps and the things that they needed are kept in hands or in bag. Makeup is crucial but not to fake the world but just to naturally tinting up the features.

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