Spectrum Ski Jacket by Helly Hansen

| January 8, 2015

About Helley Hansen

Helley Hansen is the name of most prestigious and famed creator that is associated with Norway. He is producer of yarn goods, gear for sports and he also worked on the mountains and in the oceans. In 1877, Helley Juell Hansen that is father of Helley Hanen kept his initial step as a scientist producer and now this brand is recognized in the whole world for its outdoor sports gear in addition to the foul-weather fishing gear.

Helley Hansen also won award due to his unexpected products. In 2012, Helley Hansen worked for spectrum ski jacket that has qualities of warmer, cooler and lighter that called his “H2 flow technology”. Let briefly chat in this article about qualities of Helley Hansen spectrum jacket.

Exterior front look of Helley Hansen spectrum jacket

2 Helly Hansen Spectrum Jacket (2)

In this picture, you are seeing external side of Helley Hansen airflow jacket that is coated from professional fabric that has qualities for complete wind and waterproofing. This spectrum jacket has hood with strand neck collar and front zipper closure. Intensely, see its huge pockets those are filled with heat that allows you to control your body’ temperature.

 Inner part of airflow jacket

3 Helly Hansen Spectrum Jacket (1)

Hugely,   look at this interior part that clearly seems. Its black air vents supply maximum airflow, while down pockets exudes warmth when wearer needs it.

Back face of Helley Hansen spectrum jacket

1 Helly Hansen Spectrum Jacket

Look at this back part of Helley Hansen airflow ski jacket that has laser-cut on the back with a high volume of mechanical ventilation through which you can get rid of the heat and cool off when you warmed off. In short words, this is completely new concept that got after a countless test and prototypes and we realize that this spectrum Halley Hensan jacket is really warmer, lighter and cooler.

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