Ready to Wear Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Winter Collection

| November 2, 2016

Alberta Ferretti is an Italian fashion designer and dress maker. She opened her first boutique in 1968 and launched her first collection in 1973. She began showing seasonal collections on the runways of Milan in 1981. Alberta Ferretti is known for her designs featuring twisting, tucking and draping techniques. Her style employs a subtle layered look, sometimes showing a hint of hand beaded gauze which extends slightly beneath the hem of wool dress.

She introduced the erotic qualities of chiffon and jersey fashion in her spring collection 208. Many of them are cut high in the front and draped low in the back. Dresses are party frocks, above the knee and enhanced with rhinestones rosette, pleated bubble coats, toga like mini dresses, skirts and a sparse number of gowns. Now she launched her collection by the label of Limited Edition winter wear collection.

The collection is designed with the stuff of net, silk, beaded fringing, crystal, pearls and metal embroideries; and 3d fabric reliefs that echoed the wall decorations in the space. Sheer bodice were stitched with pearls and shell shaped embroideries, while a lavish jacquard fil coupe used for a plunge front gown.

Back stage before showing the Limited Edition collection at her brand’s grandly romantic Paris headquarters on the Faubourg-Saint-Honore’, she noted that single inspiration “I always start from dreaming”, she said. “What’s interesting is when the dream becomes the reality”.

Nude color dress is designed in the stuff of net and decorated with milky white pearls and golden and dark grey work. A girl can carry this dress with high heel golden shoes in a wedding ceremony or Christmas party. The bodice of this floor length black gown is embellished with golden and light grey materials and a little touch of blue color has made the dress more beautiful. This black dress is perfect to attend a wedding part and bridesmaid can also carry this dress at the ceremony.

Fringe style dresses are designed for young girls for fringe festival. Mini skirt is designed in fringe style looking nice and a young girl can carry this dress with flat pumps embellished with stones. Fringe style dress is designed in white color and decorated with black studs and paired with matching white shoes decorated with same studs. Bodice of this mini black dress is made in chiffon decorated with golden, silver work of different kinds of materials and the lower skirt is stitched in fringes.

Floor length maxi dress is stitched in 3d design in dark color looking so nice and can be worn casually and formally too. Stuff of silk is used in making this floor length dress. The dress is kept plain only a fringe lace is placed on the both two sides of the dress to make it nice and attractive.

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