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| October 22, 2013

An Australian fashion designer whose first name is Lisa & Last name is Ho, yes I am talking about the Lisa Ho who born in 1960, in Australia. Her nationality is Australian & she is a resident of the Albury. She has a great fond of designing since her childhood & for this purpose she also used the sewing machine in order to create something amazing. She also gets professional education in the fashion designing. Many reputable personalities wear outfits that were designed by the Ho such as Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Wynter, Sarah Michelle Gellar & others.

The dresses & outfits that were prepared by this great designer were famous by the fashion label Lisa & Ho. Now it is in the air that the company/fashion brand faces a loss of in the year of 2013 because this fashion brands is unable to increase its sale among the fashion-loving people, that’s the basic reason of the failure. But it is also important to note that in the past Lisa Ho served fashion passionate women & girls very efficiently, she also fulfilled the fashion requirements very well. But with the passage of time when many fashion-labels & designers comes in this field then the Lisa Ho fails in this race of fashion. Many retail stores at various places are closed due to these losses.

Here, we are going to present the collection of ready-to-wear outfits which were prepared by the Lisa Ho & perfect for the evening wear. You can see short & long gowns in this collection. These all describe her way of designing very well. Have A Look!

Topic: Important News about the Lisa Ho
Designer:  Lisa Ho
Gender: Female
Born In: 1960
Nationality: Australian
Dresses Perfect for the: Evening

collection of lisa ho evening dress

lisa ho evening and wedding style dress

lisa ho evening black dress

lisa ho evening dark green dress

lisa ho evening dresses collection

lisa ho evening long stylish dress

lisa ho evening party black dress

lisa ho evening printed party dress

lisa-ho party dress collection

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