Ashish N Soni Dazzle Fashion Scene at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016

| October 4, 2016

Giving a long run after 7 years, the comeback of Ashish N Soni is really a bombastic thing for all of the fans. At Lakme Fashion Week winter festive presentation, Ashish put the efforts to manifest the true picture of retro-ism through volumious silhouettes as the collection named as “Volomatic”. Presenting the ravishing volume of oversized patterns and chic command over black and white are all what designer has interpreted in this winter festive collection. We say it a new plunge towards fashion and the best outlook of trends driven from 60s, 70s and 80s.

The more you find volume whether in hairs or dressing the more fine juxtapose of fashion-forward hues become clear to you. The entire monochromatic scene through collection presents the global fire of fashion and the trends finely argued by designer. Polka dots, checks and stripes are the reviving effects ton retro era and also the high-end impressions of funky silhouettes. Dark makeover is portraying the effort to give a run to old fashion in accessing the voguish terms of fashion.

Styles and details introduced by designer:


Basically the charm of black and white with monochromatic and boxy patterns has been interpreted but the dressing styles also have the wondrousness due to its classism and exaggerated depictions. Mainly the collection is filled with the fashion wear of;
•    Androgynous pantsuits with over-sized jackets
•    Jumpsuits and jacquard outfits
•    Grandfather trousers
•    Fitted blazers
•    Classy minis
•    Color blocking effects
•    Minimal edgy details of dresses
•    Voluminous hairs with blowouts and overly done curls
•    Funky eye wears in black and white theme

howstopper turned into iconic diva:


The cool vibes of Michael Jackson ‘The way you make me feel’ to runway, Jacqueline Fernandez made the show voguish. Ashish N Soni brand ambassador beautiful Jacqueline appeared in wearing the silk jacquard knee length dress with herringbone pattern, her cat eyes and the retro waved Brigitte Bardot hairs are ranking her the gold inspired era of 80s. Matching black heels and giving the best impressions of perfect gorge for the collection, Jacqueline Fernandez proved to be the true reflection of era fashion.

Designer overview about collection:


He previews about the collection talking about mainly theme indulged over this assortment;
“The theme of this collection is volume, hence the name “Volomatic”, which is a play on voluminous silhouettes and monochromes. The challenge has been to reinvent and to do something not commonly done. Oversized silhouettes, big shoulders, boyfriend jackets and grandfather trousers have all been used but with an edgy contemporary twist. Some of the fabrics used are silk jacquard; self embossed floral Lurex and Lurex herringbone”.

Our favorite looks of VOLOMATIC runway:


Although the entire collection is the mainstream of fashion to look forward for the exquisite detailed dresses but yet there are some pieces we have to deliberate here, giving their best expressions according to us. Silk jacquard herringbone dress, boxes monochromatic pants with coat and the all black jumpsuit paired with fitted blazers are cool to give them a go this winter. The designer is always interested in monochromatic terms of cool vibes. The all voluminous hairs are your true destination to be the classic touch elegance of retro era.


Well, Ashish N Soni winter festive collection at Lakme fashion week is incredibly defining the street fashion silhouettes too, make your fashion statement cool having these dresses and don’t forget to scroll down to see all dresses in gallery.

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