Modern and Stylish Bathroom Ceiling Designs Ideas

| January 25, 2017

If you want to create a modern look bathroom then it is not too difficult you can easily achieved modern bathrooms can by following all of the ideas that we are going to share with you about bathroom roof.  Almost all people prefer simple flat white ceiling but some like to design the ceilings in different cool designs to impress others. Modern ceiling design features different technology and materials like simple tiles, Styrofoam tiles, plaster boards, particle boards, tin tiles, faux tin tiles, wooden ceiling and there are so many options to create unique and attractive ceiling designs.

A large window on the ceiling is a great idea and a large mirror can also help open up a small bathroom. Avoid a lot of accessories such as baskets and extra towel racks in the bathroom; if you do this your small bathroom will look spacious and tidy. Small bathroom will look visually bigger if you use same color for the walls and tiles and narrow glass shelves look very stylish and offer enough space for storing your bathroom accessories. If you have enough space, install a walk in shower and chose a suitable sink or vanity for available space.

In a bathroom with sloping ceiling, the walls are often inclined and may create a claustrophobic atmosphere in the bathroom. With good design ideas you can make the sloping ceiling bathroom bigger and more comfortable. Color of the paint of ceiling and sloping walls should be same because same color gives the impression that the inclined wall is actually part of the ceiling.

This is the design mechanism by which the bathroom looks larger than if the walls and ceiling are in different colors. For walls and ceiling, choose a very pale pastel or white color because light and pastel colors open the small space and give the viewers the impression that the bathroom is larger, color tones like mint and sky blue are good choice. Avoid dark or saturated colors as red, blue, turquoise, black or brown.

Outline the window or mirror in a strong splash of colors to compliment the bathroom and add contrast with soothing, pale and lighter shades on the walls and the ceiling. Do not over do the use of dark colors because too many details of dark colors make an attic bathroom look cluttered and smaller. If you want to make your bathroom bright then install enough recessed lights, these lights do not take much space and their brightness makes the bathroom appear larger.

Free standing tubs are a staple for modern bathroom designs but you should balance keep in mind so keep things asymmetrical and sharp by strategically placing your tub in a spot that enhances the interior design of your bathroom. Traditionally, oval shape bath tubs are familiar; various types of bath tubs are used like boat bath, cylindrical bath, sunken bath, whirlpool bath etc.

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