Best Colors For Winter Wedding Theme

| January 25, 2017

To make your wedding ceremony successful must look for a theme first. Without theme you could not have the best result and if you move with a theme in your mind you will have better result. What comes in theme? First of all color selection. You need to choose a color for decoration of the place where ceremony is going to occur. With colors the atmosphere looks amazing but the selection of color should go according the season. Winter is on full peak and marriages that take place in winter become unforgettable for everyone who attend such ceremony because of the fog and cool atmosphere. In such atmosphere he colors you can opt for are red, grey, blue color in different shades and cream color. How you can go with these color themes in wedding, ideas are here for you.

Purple color for winter wedding function:

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Purple color exude very playful atmosphere and you can add this color in simple and boring setting with placing purple balloon of large size on tables. Bride can wear purple color outfit but if she insists to wear white dress then add purple color with wearing purple shoes and hold bouquets with purple color flowers. The bridesmaid can wear purple color outfit to complement the bride. You can décor he cake with purple color handmade flowers. Unimaginable surrounding you will have with this color.

Dusty blue color for wedding theme:

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This dusty blue color will give mesmerizing effect to wedding place. Groom can wear vest in dusty blue color that is in darker shade than the shirt. Bride will also look gorgeous in this color outfit. One piece dress in dusty blue color hving belt around the waist can be made more outclass with sequences that are to decor the bottom. Flowers can be chose in this color for bouquet for the bride to hold. Cake can be made in this color with ruffle style. For the decoration of tables you can make handmade flowers and also can décor the surrounding with these flowers.

Mid night blue color for wedding function:

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If you want to have a dark color then in the cold season select this mid-night blue color and you can make this color more eye-catching with silver addition in it. With mid night blue color you can create a very fanciful and imaginative atmosphere. In winter season this mid night blue color is going to make your wedding place a dreamy place. Bride in this color will look breath-taking in silver shiny fabric. Groom in this color three piece outfit will look very classy. If both the couple do not want to go with the same-looking color then make difference with selecting white color for bride and mid night blue for groom. Bride can wear a crown having this color flowers on it and she can wear shoes in this color. Shoes with Sequences in them will add glamour to the demeanor of the bride.

Red and silver contrast for wedding function:

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With the name of marriage the first color that comes to mind is the red color and this is the color that exudes passion and looks very enthralling. Pair this blush red color with silver color and have best result. A very lovely look this color can lend to marriage place and bide with red color followers will look very pretty and gorgeous. She can wear shoes in red color with silver color designing on it. Cake embellished with red flowers looks awe-inspiring. On silver silk table-cloth red color flowers placed in vase would look very lovely and fascinating.

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