Shikha Ghalsasi’s ‘Aesthete’ Collection at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter Festive 2016

| December 1, 2016

Whimsical is a vibrant and playful style of fashion that has a childlike and carefree attitude introduced by Indian fashion designer Shikha Ghalsasi. Shikha Ghalsasi is a new designer, known to be a free spirit that draws inspiration from life and that is what exactly mirrors her brand “Whimsical by Shica”. ‘Aesthete’ is her attempt at bringing a piece of wildwood in her inspired collection. She is a design graduate from NIFT with a certification from FIT, New York, launched the label.

The fast paced fashion world needed a pause and this designer exactly did that with this ultra-chic Aesthete and the designer decided to be on the giving end towards mother earth with her enchanting presentation that captivated and thoroughly impressed the audience.

Whimsical by Shica is a breath of fresh air and with’ Aesthete’ she brings forth her inspiration derived from various aspects of life. The apparel had the perfect old charm that included inventive pinafores, pleated skirts, jumpers, smock dresses and Peter Pan collars. The fabric of chiffon, georgette and cotton are used in this collection.

The dress is designed in nude pink color, stitched in intricate pattern with ribbon work in ruffle style or somehow frills style looking good. Full dress including sleeveless top and lower skirt is stitched with above mentioned style. Printed long dress with enhanced sleeve detail was looking dreamy and the tan waist belt accentuated the midriff.

An elaborate tent dress with metallic embellishment on the neckline had a warrior princess vibe to it and a monochromatic dungaree layered on a neat white shirt was more casual and relaxed, contradicting the prior. The palette narrated a quite tale of subtlety from olive green, salmon, lustrous lavender, faded blue leading to monochrome, dull grey, espresso and deep emerald consolidating effortlessly.

The designer tastefully managed to channelize her passion towards the natural habitat through her ingenious line. Natural experiments, such as screen painting, mud printing, twisting, discharging and spray paint were performed to attain a blossoming outcome on the creations.
Bollywood power house performer Swara Bhaskar showcased her collection and walked the ramp in long figure salmon gown with elongated sleeve detail and minimal surface ornamental on h bodice.

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